General Pathway

Our general pathway enables registrars to undertake training in metropolitan, outer metropolitan and rural areas although training in a rural location is optional. In the general pathway, registrars must complete a Return of Service Obligation (ROSO) by undertaking 12 months of the compulsory eighteen months of general practice placements in outer metropolitan, rural (RA 2-5 areas), non-capital city or indigenous health posts or combinations of these. The remaining time may be undertaken in any location including inner metropolitan.

  • 12 months GP term training in Outer Metropolitan location OR
  • 12 months GP term training in rural location (RA 2-5) OR
  • 12 months training in a non-capital city classified as RA 1 OR
  • 12 months training comprising two of the following
    • 6 months GP term training in Outer Metropolitan
    • 6 months GP term training in rural location (RA 2-5)
    • 6 months GP term in a non-capital city RA 1 location
    • 6 months GP Term in an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health training post in an Aboriginal medical service.

Rural Pathway

Our rural pathway is based in Gippsland and is for registrars wishing to undertake their training in rural areas.

For RACGP registrars in a rural pathway, registrars are required to complete a minimum of 18 months of their GP term training in rural locations (RA 2-5 areas).

For ACRRM registrars at least 12 months must be rural but all 24 months need to be undertaken in RA2-5 areas.

Overseas trained doctors affected by the 10 year moratorium and who do not possess a 19AB exemption are only eligible to apply for the rural pathway.

Financial Incentives

Registrars training in rural areas are eligible for Government financial incentives. For details on GPRIPs visit Rural Health Australia’s website and to explore those incentives linked to geographic locations visit