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Aboriginal Health EV News (September 2018)

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National Reconciliation Week

Promoting Women’s Health

As part of our Reconciliation Action Plan, EV supported a Reconciling Women’s Health day at Ramahyuck where 50 participants from Sale and Morwell communities came together for activities promoting prevention, early detection and early intervention and also learned about access to relevant local service providers.

In Morwell, GP Registrar, Dr Renuka, presented to the group, promoting Healthy living for healthy lives. She also presented gift bags to participants.

Organisers reported the event provided a relaxed environment where the women felt culturally safe allowing them to fully participate in health and wellbeing conversations.


Flag raising event

Members of the Aboriginal Health Team were pleased to join Ramahyuck staff, community members and other invited guests at their Flag Raising event held on Monday 09 July. The program included children’s dance group, music, and an Awards Ceremony where community members were recognised for contributions in various categories.  EV congratulates Ramahyuck on a terrific event.

Nomenclature Principles

EV has established Nomenclature Principles which guide appropriate language use when writing or speaking about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  The Nomenclature Principles have recently been updated and we invite all stakeholders to familiarise themselves with the EV approved terminology. The words we use are powerful and can have a lasting impact on people. EVs Cultural Advisors are always available to assist with this or other issues related to Aboriginal cultural norms. Contact the team at aboriginal.health@evgptraining.com.au