Excellence Innovation Community Engagement

Registrar Placements in Aboriginal Health Services 

Four registrars are on part-time placement in Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHS) in Semester 1, 2020 – placed at three of our active services. They will deliver approximately 33 FTE weeks of primary health care at these services.  

We are grateful to our small band of remote supervisors who enable these posts and also the mainstream clinics where these registrars are also placed part-time for their ongoing support. 


Aboriginal Health Workshops 

In the midst of the COVID-19 upheaval, the EV Aboriginal health team and metro workshop teams successfully delivered four remote-format workshops to GPT1, 2 and 3 metro registrars during April and May.

Registrars worked through a number of online activities and then met via Zoom for small group discussions with cultural and medical educators. The specific challenges of COVID-19 for Aboriginal people and their community were highlighted, but more importantly, the rich socio-cultural strengths among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities that GPs can learn from, especially in terms of resilience, advocacy and providing safe care for all. While we missed the opportunity to meet in person ‘on-country’, the EV workshop program highlights that cultural safety is an ongoing learning process across one’s entire career, and that these conversations can transcend the limitations of our new COVID-19 impacted world. It was interesting to hear many registrars reflect during our sessions that they rarely discuss these issues in their practices. 

Supervisors in practice may wonder how they can additionally assist their registrars in learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health. GPSA has a recent webinar recording available called ‘Teaching yourself and your registrar about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health’ available hereEVs Cultural educators and advisors are also available to assist registrars, supervisors and medical educators at any time. 


Cultural Safety Training for Supervisors 

EV’s Aboriginal Health and Research teams collaborated on a submission for funds from the Department of Health to develop a CORE cultural safety module for supervisors. As part of the project, EV will be developing a Cultural Safety Framework for the organisationwhich will, in part, inform the content of the moduleThe project as a whole will further round out EV’s organisation-wide approach to learning about and practical commitment to cultural safety. 

EV will soon be communicating to stakeholders, via email, to advise how YOU can influence and inform this body of work. 


NAIDOC Week: 8–15 November 

For the first time in its history, NAIDOC Week celebrations have been postponed. Usually held in July each year, this will now take place in November. 

This year’s theme Always Was, Always Will Be recognises that First Nations peoples have occupied and cared for our continent for over 65,000 years. 

NAIDOC Week is a time of great celebration for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and EV will be joining the celebrations in November. 


Traditional Custodian Banners 

Visitors to EV Hawthorn and Churchill offices will note that banners have been installed which acknowledge the Traditional Custodians on which our offices stand. These were developed in response to some positive feedback received at an Information Morning about similar temporary signage.