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Aboriginal Health Training News (December 2017)

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Reconciliation Action Plan

lbp17-569EV is proud to announce that our RAP was officially launched on Friday, 1 December, 2017.

We formally commenced development of an Innovate RAP in August 2016 when 20 EV personnel came together to develop agreed actions and targets. Contributors at this workshop included Board Directors, Executive, Cultural Advisors, Medical Educators, Supervisors, and Program Staff.

Developing a RAP demonstrates EVs commitment to building respectful relationships and creating opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, ultimately contributing to Reconciliation in Australia.

Copies of the RAP will be mailed to all stakeholders. In the meantime you will find a copy on the EV web site.

Pictured is our Senior Aboriginal Health Educator and Advisor, Professor Marlene Drysdale, with Board Chair, Neil Greenaway and CEO David Glasson at the launch.


Aboriginal Health Team

These past few months the Team has been busy with

  • visits to the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services in our training footprint, in part to prepare for placement of the new cohort in February 2018.
  • review of the Aboriginal Health training curriculum
  • presenting cultural awareness training sessions to clinics in Gippsland
  • attending and sponsorship of the Aboriginal Community Achiever Awards held in East Gippsland,
  • attending the official opening of the medical centre at GEGAC, and
  • the usual meeting and workshop commitments.

We are looking forward to a bit of a break over Christmas and an exciting 2018 in the Aboriginal Health Training program at EV – Aboriginal Health – no ordinary training post!