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Aboriginal Health Training News (December 2019)

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Registrar Placements in Aboriginal health services

Three registrars are on part time placement in Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHS) in Sem 2:2019.  They will deliver approximately 32 FTE weeks of primary health at these services. 

Five registrars will take up part time ACCHS training placements in 2020.

EV and the Aboriginal Health Team would like to acknowledge and thank the partner general practices that support registrars to take up composite posts in ACCHS and also our small but committed band of remote supervisors. Together, you enable these placements to occur.

GPTEC – General Practice Annual Conference

GPTEC 2019 was held from 4-5 September in Melbourne. Professor Marlene Drysdale and Jo Rash delivered a session about the EV clinic based cultural safety training education program delivered across Gippsland from 2016 to 2018.  As well as delivering/co-facilitating two other sessions, Marlene was a member of the GPTEC planning committee and was instrumental in ensuring the inclusion of an Aboriginal health stream over the two days which was well attended and received. A busy but rewarding time for all conference organisers and participants.

ACCHS Practice Manager Network Meeting

The second annual Network meeting was held in Traralgon on 30 October.  The program included an overview of GP training and guest presenter Ms Di Margetts delivered an informative session about the “Language of Safety” and protective behaviours.  If you would like to know more about these Network meetings please contact Brian Stevens, Senior Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer at EV on 1300 851 753 or via email. Brian is usually in the EV office on Wednesdays.

Reconciliation Action Plan

EV is developing its second Reconciliation Action Plan to guide us in our reconciliation commitments and actions for the next two to three years.  The first draft was submitted to Reconciliation Australia in September. Once RA has provided feedback we will make a copy available to all stakeholders for review/comment.

Nomenclature Principles

The terminology approved by and for use at EV when speaking or writing about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples has recently been updated. A Quick Guide has been developed to improve access to this information. Both the Principles document and the Quick Guide are available to download. Please familiarise yourselves in the use of EVs approved respectful and inclusive language.