Dr Liz Wearne

Dr Liz Wearne, GP Supervisor

For those of us who took up medicine because we have a true curiosity for other people and a desire to help, working in Aboriginal Health really awakens that purpose again.

Dr Ray Carne

Dr Ray Carne, GP Supervisor

Local cultures vary but in my experience people generally respond positively to acknowledgement and respect for their culture and an attitude of care and goodwill. Most important also is the provision of high quality medicine


Dr Patrick Kinsella, GP Supervisor

Aboriginal health is different to normal General Practice.  I thoroughly recommend spending some time working in Aboriginal health.  Benefits include learning about Aboriginal cultural and health issues affective that population group. Also making friends in the community – we have a lot of laughs.

Dr David Iser, GP Supervisor

This is your chance to do something unique. Aboriginal Health allows one to become much more aware of the complexities of medicine. It makes us question and challenge the science behind something we may have previously accepted as a given. In working in this position one is exposed to a range of illnesses we may have had little exposure.

Dr Shane Robbins, GP Registrar 2015

Aboriginal people have some really poor health indicators and having the opportunity to help the community in some small way to close the gap is really satisfying. There are also great opportunities for health promotion and education.  And you get to work with a great team of nurses, aboriginal health workers, receptionists and drivers, and wear a deadly shirt too.

Aaron Soon

Dr Aaron Soon, GP Registrar 2015

If you like challenging, complex medicine in a supportive team environment then this is the post for you! The healthcare is more complicated than many of the mainstream clinics and so you’ll need to not just be a caring doctor but a structured coordinator and wrap your head around a variety of medical chronic disease issues, challenging psychological problems and then facilitating that care all within an often complex social situation. Fortunately, there is a lot of supportive staff, allied health and other doctors to help you manage.