Summary of Projects 2012-2017

Enabling the rural academic practice.
Extending Supervisory and Educational Capacity: Web Based Supervision, Clinical Teaching Visits and Workshop Attendance in Rural General Practice Training.
Developing a community of learning: identifying and modelling the use of social media in General Practice education resources.
Ad hoc supervisory encounters between GP-supervisors and GP-registrars: Enhancing quality and effectiveness.
Sharing online educational resources, platforms and practices for e-learning/m-learning in GP registrar education: A review and feasibility study.
Leading the Rebirth of the Rural GP Obstetrician (Co-Led).
Learning Planning in General Practice Vocational Training.
Interns in rural general practice: Supervision and the development of independence and identity.
From clinician to educator: GP supervisor professional identity formation and the implications for training.
GP supervisors as clinicians and educators: Developing and maintaining multiple professional identities.
Review of models of GP vocational training and education in Australia and internationally.
Feedback exchanges, supervisory relationships and the educational alliance: implications for GP registrar and supervisor training and support.