“I don’t think I’m alone in having spent most of my GP career to date feeling uncertain about how to ‘start out’ in research. For me, research has become another way to use my curiosity, to think more deeply about how and why we do what we do in education. I’ve also found a very nurturing and collaborative family of researchers who are dedicated to mentoring and developing together. I wish I’d ‘started out’ long ago!”

Dr Elizabeth (Liz) Wearne,

Early Career Researcher, 2019.

“I have embarked on the research post due to my interest in clinical teaching and medical education. I feel that the academic sphere is something I have often wondered about and it would seem foolish not to take the chance to experience it when the opportunity presents itself. Research is what drives the future of clinical practice and at this early stage in my career I wanted to dip my toe into the proverbial water and see just what the temperature was like!  I am so excited to be one of EVGPT’s academic registrars for 2018 and with all the knowledge and support that they bring to the table, I can’t think of a better way to start my academic journey.”

Dr Romey Giles,

Academic Registrar EV, 2018.

“I took up the academic post as a way of learning more about the realities of working in academia. I had past experiences in medical education and to a small degree in research and saw the post a chance to build on these experiences. Overall the year has been enjoyable, rewarding and challenging. I’ve appreciated the opportunity to develop skills which complement the clinical general practice work that I do. It’s also been positive to have regular contact with the other academic GP registrars from different regional training providers throughout the course of the year.”

Tim Wittick,

Academic Registrar, 2017.

“Being a part of the RACGP academic registrar program has definitely been a career highlight! It not only allowed me to develop some useful research skills but it also taught me about applying evidence based medicine to my everyday clinical practice. I would highly recommend any GP registrars to partake in this fantastic program”.

Emily Chen,

Academic Registrar, 2017.

“I do research, medical education and clinical work in roughly equal amounts.  Over the past six years and I have had the privilege to lead eleven educational research projects with EV (and its predecessors). I am now in the midst of a PhD. It has been exciting to develop the depth of my thinking about the nature of education and it has been very satisfying to bridge educational practice, educational research and educational scholarship. Research has given me a renewed enthusiasm for my work.”

Dr James Brown,

Director of Education Quality Improvement, 2016 – 2019.