EV supports RLOs across the EV region. RLOs are current registrars selected for the role by EV management to represent registrars in matters relevant to the training provider.

The RLO role includes:

  • Organising social events
  • Attending regular meetings with the CEO and Director of training to discuss issues relevant to registrars
  • Acting as a point of contact for registrars with questions
  • Advocacy for registrar issues
  • Maintaining the registrars’ Facebook page
  • Being members of the Advisory Council for GPRA which includes attendance at meetings and discussion about relevant registrar issues
  • Representing registrar views on the training practice accreditation panel and education planning meetings

Most importantly they represent the voice of registrars and registrars are encouraged to make contact with them and provide feedback on their training experience.

To contact the EV RLOs you can email them rlo@evgptraining.com.au

Current EV RLOs

Dr Alyisha Tan – Metro

Dr Alyisha Tan, GeneralI am a GPT1 registrar, who recently started training with EV. I am currently located in Rosebud. I went to medical school at The University of Melbourne, and have subsequently spent quite a few hospital years in Melbourne as well as in Canberra doing general medicine and intensive care, before embarking on the training program to be a general practitioner.

My very first exposure to General Practice was through the PGPPP program. I enjoy the flexibility and variability General Practice provides, and am very much looking forward to spending the next 12 months of training in the beautiful Mornington Peninsula area. I decided to take up the RLO position so that I can be more involved with EV, and provide support to and advocate for fellow registrars during my time here. I have yet a lot to learn as a GPT1 registrar myself, but I believe I can bring valuable contributions to the organization. In my spare time, I enjoy exploring the breath-taking beaches and wineries in the peninsula, as well as spending time with friends and family after recently returning from Canberra, and weekly dancing classes. Please feel free to get in touch if there is anything you think I can be of assistance with.

Dr Vidhya Subramaniam - Rural

I am a GPT3 registrar who is currently located in Trafalgar. I went to medical school at Monash University, and have spent several years in hospitals in Victoria and NSW. I completed a few years in Paediatric Medicine before starting my general practice training. I am grateful that I took the scenic path before entering General Practice as it truly made me appreciate the importance of a family doctor in a patient’s life and the role they play in improving their lives.

I am enjoying my general practice training at EV, especially in the rural setting, and the EV team at Churchill have been super supportive and caring. My positive experience with the EV team motivated me to apply for the RLO position, so that I can be more involved with EV training and support my fellow peers within the program.

One of the perks of General Practice is definitely the good work-life balance! Outside of work, I enjoy exploring small rural towns, travelling overseas and spending time with my family and friends.

Dr Michelle Kah - Metro

I am currently a GPT1 registrar training with EV, General Pathway, in the Metro region. I was born in Melbourne and moved to Brisbane to study medicine at The University of Queensland. I completed my hospital residency years in Brisbane before moving back to Melbourne for GP training. I was heavily involved with GPSN as a medical student, and am excited to be able to provide support and advocate for Registrars in training.

I have always had a strong interest in General Practice, and particularly love the breadth and diversity of medicine in General Practice, as well the continuity of care with patients. My special interests include Women’s Health and Skin Cancer medicine.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, going on food adventures, Latin style dancing and exercising to keep fit. Please feel free to contact me if there is anything I can help with.

Dr Aaron Rhodes - Metro

I am a full-time GPT3 registrar under EV’s metropolitan training pathway. I am originally from Sydney and trained at The University of Notre Dame Sydney before I made my way down to Melbourne. I then completed my hospital training at Monash Health and I have now been in Melbourne for the past 4 years & I am here to stay!

If you ask my medical school colleagues what it is I said I wanted to do when I “grow up” you are likely to get every medical, surgical and paediatric specialty under the sun. It was therefore only fitting that I finally made it to EV where I have thoroughly enjoyed general practice. Despite having begun my general practice training at the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic I have felt EV to be able to continually adapt and provide the greatest support to its registrars. It was because of this that I joined as a Registrar Liaison Officer to be able to give back to EV and to support my fellow registrars.

Outside of work I spend most of my time with my partner and our 2-year-old British Bulldog who we affectionately refer to as “our daughter”. I enjoy any time spent outdoors, and am continually trying my hand at gardening, cooking and DIY projects.