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Kirsten Hailes

Oct 07
EVGPT is well placed to deliver GP training till end January 2023. This media release references the latest EVGPT Briefing Paper and associated Infographic summarising our achievements. Read the full...
Sep 23
We are excited to read the latest report from the Latrobe Health Advocate which focuses on improving access to primary healthcare services in the Latrobe Valley.   This project has...
Sep 10

We are thrilled with the results of the recent RACGP Exams. Pass rates for EVGPT Candidates were: 100% passed the Remote Clinical Exam (RCE) 2021.1 90.5% passed the Advanced Knowledge Test (AKT) 2021.2 Both outcomes were above the National average. Congratulations to all successful registrars on this outstanding achievement.

Aug 27
Three of EVGPT’s community members have been recognised in the 2021 RACGP Awards. Dr Peter Mitchell on being awarded the 2021 RACGP Victorian GP Supervisor of the Year Dr Cheten Mistry on being...
Aug 19

The Rural Plan for Gippsland is a comprehensive summary of the work being undertaken in primary healthcare in the region. It is an impressive contribution that everyone involved should be proud of. This plan provides an analysis of primary healthcare needs of the Gippsland community, illustrates how EVGPT will work cooperatively to actively facilitate improved targeting and expansion of practice recruitment and comprehensive healthcare provision, and much more.  We hope that this plan will assist our numerous partners and stakeholders in continuing the excellent work being done in primary healthcare.  To access the PDF, visit the digital platform here. (PDF is available under More Information). 

Aug 12
Primary health care is under enormous stress globally and on our own doorstep.  The difficulties of appropriate provisioning of primary healthcare in our rural communities is real.  A collaborative approach is...
Jul 12
The EV Awards recognise the knowledge, capabilities, and commitment of GP Training Practices, Supervisors, and Registrars across Eastern Victoria. This year we are exciting to launch a new award category,...
Jul 02

We are committed to the continuous improvement in the training of doctors in the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program. Each year, the Australian Government commissions an external research company to conduct a survey of GP registrars to gauge the level of satisfaction with their training, RTOs and career progression. This year’s survey will again be administered to all eligible AGPT registrars by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). The survey will be open on June 28 and run for four weeks. Registrars, please monitor your email for an invitation to complete the survey and we strongly encourage you to participate. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and the results enable the Department of Health to monitor the performance of the program and help bring emerging issues to the attention of the Department and other GP training stakeholders The 2020 AGPT National Registrar Survey (NRS) Final Report is available to download from the Department of Health website. See a summary of EV’s 2020 NRS results, and previous years for comparison, here.

Jun 23
CEO Update Transition Since my last communique to our EV community, the future of AGPT and indeed EV has been a mixture of both clarity and confusion! We have been...