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CEO Update (December 2016)

By December 13, 2016No Comments

david-glasson-2015-6-resized-150-x-150Hasn’t the year flown! Hard to believe we started with a new organisation with a changed training region and … lots of unknowns.

How then did we deliver quality GP education and training?

The answer lies in the combination of our dedicated staff and the GP supervisors, practice managers and staff of our training practices. Without each we simply don’t have a quality education and training model.

It was vital from the outset to retain experienced people from previous years. Thankfully this happened and the contributed knowledge and wisdom of this year has allowed us to build the integrated education model we will deliver over the next two.

Just as importantly our training practices have continued to bring registrars into their fold – to supervise, teach and train in a quality setting. Sounds obvious but represents the very heart of what we do. Many newly accredited training practices have also come on board. Without your willingness to train registrars, many would be without a placement next year.

So on behalf of EV thank you for your time, support and commitment. We appreciate the diversity of experience each training practice provides across our region for the benefit of our future GPs, and ultimately the communities we serve.

Thank you to our EV staff. We have built an organisation that values your contribution and remains small enough to genuinely feel a part of. For me that last bit provides a closer meaning to what we do.

As CEO the direct connection to current and future health outcomes for our region is very rewarding. Challenges will present, they always do. If solutions are viewed through this lens however, then we will thrive. I look forward to working with all of you who contribute to quality GP training across our region next year.

David Glasson