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CEO Update (December 2019)

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Welcome to our final Newsletter of 2019.

Our GP training community delivered over five hundred training terms during 2019. Each placement is unique – be it location, scope of practice, size, systems, term type, full/part-time, the balance between registrar and practice expectations, specific capability levels, pay structures, and the overall supervisory and teaching arrangements existing within each training practice. Well done to all involved, it is only through our actions that good things happen.

GPTEC 2019

GPTEC 2019 was a huge success. Over 670 delegates from around Australia enjoyed two days of learning, networking and socialising. EV supported two hundred attendances and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Next year we revert to the Residential format for our Supervisors – a key part of our program of Supervisor PD activity.

Transition to College Led Training

The transition of GP training to the Colleges, is gathering pace. Responsibility for program Policy will transition from the Department of Health to the Colleges from early next year and we understand final funding and agreement arrangements will be in place between the Commonwealth and the Colleges by the end of next year.

We welcome the commitment of the RACGP to an RTO delivery model from 2022 and look forward to working closely with them to ensure a smooth transition across Eastern Victoria. Dialogue with ACRRM is ongoing and we also hope to be a part of their future plans. There is much rural generalist knowledge across our Gippsland training community, and EV is the right local partner to support ACRRM to deliver locally, effectively, as a community.

Registrar Numbers 2020

Our registrar intake for 2020 is complete. We have eighty RACGP General pathway, twenty-eight RACGP Rural pathway and five ACRRM registrars commencing in 2020. Applicant numbers nationally for the AGPT program have been disappointing, particularly for rural. Our intake is comparatively strong and we continue to be an attractive proposition for registrar GP training. 

EV has also invested in targeted marketing across the health services, at information days and through social media to highlight the advantages of training in Eastern Victoria. Our #OpportunityGippsland initiative is taking shape and will present a high profile for Gippsland based training throughout the 2021 selection process next year. We have also worked with Rural Doctors Australia in support of their activities to attract future registrars via our ‘Destination Rural Victoria’ campaign. Each of these activities have contributed to our relatively strong intake for 2019. 


Congratulations to Dr Pallavi Prathivardi – recipient of the RACGP National Award for Registrar of the Year. Pallavi has had a wonderful medical and GP registrar career so far and has excelled in many areas. Her successes include being the joint recipient of our EV Registrar of the Year 2018 – General Pathway.

Delighted to announce our EV Award recipients for 2019. Please refer to our special section on the EV Awards.

People Movements

We will miss the tremendous contribution of the following people, who are soon to depart EV. 

Dr Patrick Kinsella has been an integral part of GP education and training across Gippsland since the inception of the program as we currently know it. Patrick’s wisdom, wit and local advocacy over many years have contributed immeasurably to the success of GP training in our region.

Those who know Dr Jenny Worboys will attest to the humanity and compassionate approach to GP education that hundreds of our rural registrars have been fortunate to experience over the years. Jenny has been a stalwart of our Gippsland Education Workshops and we will miss Jenny’s wonderful contribution.

Dr Ray Carne is easing back from active participation although we hope to see Ray continue involvement with re-accreditations next year. Ray has contributed extensively to the Aboriginal Health Training curriculum and his engaging approach with registrars, medical educators, and practices including our Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services has provided tremendous value.

Finally, we say farewell to Linda Kruger. After eighteen years supporting practices and supervisors across Gippsland, Linda is finishing at the end of this year. Linda I will miss your weekly quiz! We will all miss your knowledge borne of experience, and the strong relationships you have forged with the Gippsland GP training community over many years.

Thank you Patrick, Ray, Jenny and Linda. Our appreciation runs deep and we wish you well for the future.

I look forward to continuing our constructive delivery of quality GP education and training throughout our region. I particularly look forward to engaging actively with you in 2020 as we see the seeds of transition take root. We will continue developing our approaches with communities of interest sharing and delivering their knowledge and skills in a regionalised context. 

A positive outlook has opened up for 2020 and beyond. 

EV extends its best wishes for the new year, to you.

David Glasson