Excellence Innovation Community Engagement

Primary health care is under enormous stress globally and on our own doorstep. 

The difficulties of appropriate provisioning of primary healthcare in our rural communities is real. 

A collaborative approach is needed to look at solutions that are more efficient, are patient rather than algorithmic centred and promote integration and cooperation rather than siloed and independent approaches. 

To this end, we are pleased to release the Rural Plan for Gippsland which actively seeks to partner with other local agencies to form a collective and cooperative approach to the planning and delivery of primary healthcare services in Gippsland. For EVGPT, this encompasses the sharing of our resources and our responsibility to lead and/or support healthcare initiatives implicit in a whole of region approach. 

EVGPT has undertaken this work in order to progress collaboration amongst the various agencies involved in primary healthcare in Gippsland to improve provision and quality of care. 

The Rural Plan for Gippsland, based on comprehensive analysis of primary healthcare needs of the Gippsland community, illustrates how EVGPT will work cooperatively to actively facilitate improved targeting and expansion of practice recruitment and comprehensive healthcare provision. 

We invite you to read the Rural Plan for Gippsland and welcome your comments and feedback. 

More information can be found in our Comprehensive, ground-up, rural plan for Gippsland media release.