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CEO Update

For EV, and indeed the AGPT in general, 2021 presented a plethora of issues ranging from the difficulties of continuing to deliver quality education and support in a Covid-19 ravaged environment, to that of being officially informed that our role as providers of general practice training and education would cease at the end of 2022 after some 20 years building and delivering a quality system. It was indeed a difficult time for all involved with EV, but as the organisation has continuously shown, our commitment demonstrated by our Board and staff to our registrars, supervisors, practices and communities never wavered.

A key feature of our work this year has been to continually challenge ourselves in the way that we develop and deliver our services. In the midst of an incredibly complex and politically charged environment, our organisation has provided unending advice, support and direction to ACRRM and RACGP in the way that we do business and with a continuous improvement mindset so that we remain open to new innovations and genuine positive change. Our engagement with our stakeholders has been strengthened through ongoing communication particularly with the advent of regular reports on our achievements (which have been many) and our willingness to engage with all parties, standing accountable for all that we do. For me it has been particularly pleasing to be CEO of an organisation that has never retreated from the challenges presented.

This year has marked again by excellent results in program recruitment, fellowship exam results, educational delivery, satisfaction of participant registrars and supervisors and the overall contribution made to our jurisdiction re high quality provision of medical service. Our record is one of unquestionable contribution which we all can be justly proud of. See more about our contribution here.

As we venture into our final year of operation we will be increasingly involved in transition entailing the provision support, education, resources and capability to the two Colleges, to the Department of Health and several other organisations that are entering the general practice training environment. We do so not because of directives but to ensure that what has been achieved becomes the bedrock for future provision. We also hope that many of our staff take up the challenge to work in this new environment.  As custodians of a unique and bespoke industry their knowledge and skills are invaluable for the future success of general practice training. Hence our organisation is committed to providing the best platform possible for the new custodians when the program changes hands in 2023.

2022 also offers the prospect of a return to some level of normality with the recommencement of (at least in part) face to face workshops, on-site staff attendance and increased visitation to practices and training posts enabling resumption of a more personal approach which has been a hallmark of EV and its predecessor organisations. We will do all in our power to make the transition as straightforward and as uncomplicated as possible however undoubtedly issues will arise and hence we ask that you inform us as early as possible when areas of concern occur.

From our remarkable Board and throughout the entirety of our organisation we thank you for your past support and look forward to that continuing in 2022. You can rest assured that our involvement will remain steadfast throughout the remainder of our time as deliverers of general practice in Eastern Victoria.

We trust that you and your families enjoy a safe and relaxing festive break and are ready to join with us to make 2022 the best year yet in general practice training.

Dr Mark Rowe


2021 EV Awards Announced

Thank you to everyone who nominated a worthy recipient for this year’s awards.


The winners were announced in November, and in case you missed it, they are:

Outstanding Contribution to Aboriginal Health – Dr Sophie Lindstedt, Gippsland Lakes Complete Heath Ltd

Supervisor of the Year – Rural: Dr Chris Ford, Leongatha Healthcare
Supervisor of the Year – Metropolitan: Dr Wendy Bernet, Andrew Place Clinic

Registrar of the Year – Rural Pathway: Dr Raaghav Sudan
Registrar of the Year – General Pathway: Dr Karen Freilich

Training Practice of the Year – Rural: Cunninghame Arm Medical Centre, Lakes Entrance
Training Practice of the Year – Metropolitan: Carnegie Medical Centre, Carnegie


Congratulations once again to all our winners! Read more about our winners.

End of Year Office Closures

EV’s offices will close at 3.00 pm on Friday, 24 December 2021 and reopen on Tuesday, 4 January 2022.