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CEO Update


Since my last communique to our EV community, the future of AGPT and indeed EV has been a mixture of both clarity and confusion! We have been informed that we will not be tenured by the Department of Health to continue delivery of AGPT post January 2023 and that the RACGP and ACRRM will assume this responsibility in full. The position of the capacity of the two colleges to sub-contract RTOs is less clear although it appears that limited sub-contracting (i.e. specific and smaller discrete aspects of the program) may be allowable. The EV Board continues to reflect on future opportunities for the continuation of the organisation however it is probable that, in the absence of a major role in AGPT, the organisation would wind-up in 2023. We continue to work with all parties to improve clarification and the appropriateness of transition planning particularly in the shaping of policy decisions and maintenance of high-quality delivery. 

We can however advise that the organisation has received an extension of contract offer to take us through to the end of January 2023 and we are working our way through that document. The contract is more complex than previous iterations due to the inclusion of specific ‘transitioning out’ clauses which are significantly onerous on the resource availability of EV.     

Recent Highlights

On a very positive note EV continues to perform well in all areas of its operations despite the difficulties of the physical and political environments. For 2022 AGPT entry we have received in excess of 190 applicants and at this point have been oversubscribed for both our general and rural pathways, being one of only two RTOs around the country that have achieved this objective. Our fellowship exam results continue to be first-rate across both Colleges’ Fellowship assessments despite the huge difficulties of running virtual education programs and our supervisor and registrar satisfaction rates have remained high. See EV’s results for the 2020 National Registrar Survey here. This is indeed testament to all our EV community but particularly to the staff at EV whom continue to deliver outstanding service. 

A further highlight of the last few months has been the build of our communication and alliance expansion across EV and in particular across the Gippsland region. Despite the difficulties presented through COVID, the organization has grown in prominence and penetration across all levels of its market. The EV Engagement and Influencing Strategy has been implemented concentrating on marketing our achievements and raising awareness of our initiatives. We continue to work with both rural and metropolitan partners however the strategy has been hampered in Greater Melbourne due to continuous lockdowns. 

 We continue to work with all parties as re-organization of the rural pipeline continues. We are developing a rural training plan which should be completed and presented to the EV Board by September 2021. 

Training Post Recruitment

Our training post recruitment strategy is underway and has yielded several new rural and outer metropolitan posts. We continue to focus recruitment strategy on areas of service need ensuring improved workforce distribution in accord with Department of Health directives. An important element allied to this initiative is the development of our Training Post Profile platform which we have released this week ahead of the Practice Match. We welcome your review of the work undertaken. 

Aboriginal Health

Aboriginal Health continues to gain momentum and standing with training integration into supervisor PD and registrar workshops. Additionally, EV recognition through the RAP, noting of major events (National Reconciliation Week, Sorry Day etc) has raised the prominence in our jurisdiction for this nationally important initiative. The national research project and module production re cultural safety and awareness further underpins our work in Aboriginal health. 


Finally, in these extraordinary times, I thank you for your ongoing partnership and support 

Stay safe. 

Dr Mark Rowe  

2021 EV Awards

2021 Nominations Open Soon!

The EV Awards recognise the knowledge, capabilities, and commitment of GP Training Practices, Supervisors and Registrars across Eastern Victoria.

We are excited about our new category, Outstanding Contribution to Aboriginal Health. We now have 7 award categories. We encourage you to start thinking about nominating a worthy recipient as nominations open 12 July.

We will share more information about the 2021 EV Awards shortly but here’s a quick reminder of all the categories.

Award categories include:
Training Practice of the Year – Rural 
Training Practice of the Year – Metro
Supervisor of the Year – Rural 
Supervisor of the Year – Metro
Registrar of the Year – Rural
Registrar of the Year – Metro 

New in 2021
Outstanding Contribution to Aboriginal Health 

Racial Discrimination Policy

The EV Board recently completed the development and endorsement of a new Governance Policy – Racial Discrimination. The policy was formally launched on Wednesday 02 June incorporated into our National Reconciliation Week celebrations. As part of this policy development EV has joined forces with some of Australia’s leading businesses, sporting bodies, and NGOs to support the national “Racism. It stops With Me.” campaign. EV has committed to preventing racism by pledging to undertake activities in support of the campaign. EV agrees that racism is never acceptable and we all have a responsibility to stand up against it.   



It is extremely pleasing that we have recognised this important agenda. We provide our voice to a growing chorus that is actively taking a stand against racism.” Dr Mark Rowe, CEO.