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CEO Update

Welcome to the winter edition of EV news. 

2020 has had a challenging start. 

The summer bushfires throughout the state were particularly devastating in Gippsland. Our communities were greatly impacted and our training practices In East Gippsland in particular did an amazing job supporting patients, staff, registrars and families. 

Then COVID hit. 

We understand that practices are facing many difficulties during this period of rapid and evolving change. Thank you for continuing your work training registrars. EV responded as quickly as possible to the pandemic by adapting our program delivery.  

We will all need to adapt to the new normal. A period of uncertainty lies ahead and the challenge will be a balancing act maintaining caution but also attempting to get back to an optimal business environment. 

The start of the year saw two of our senior staff leave – David Glasson and James Brown. We thank them for their significant contributions over their years with EV and wish them well in their future endeavors. 

Despite the bad start, EV has had some successes this year which we have shared recently through media releases. Firstly, 2021 AGPT applications numbers are among the highest nationally which is great news for us all and, for the communities we serve. Next, findings from Department of Health and GPSA surveys indicate our satisfaction amongst registrars and supervisor is high. We are delighted that our program is so highly valued by you. Our commitment to you is to continue to work together to deliver an innovative, effective and quality training program. 

We will continue to share news of our successes with you, celebrating the achievements of the organisation, of our people and our stakeholders. 

Transition to college led training is slowly taking shape. The Department of Health are working with colleges on establish a fair and reasonable financial arrangement. Once this has been finalised, the colleges will be better placed to work with RTOs on the next steps. 

The newsletter contains important updates on our program and I hope you find it informative. 

Dr Mark Rowe 

Registrar Base Rate Increase from Commencement of Semester 2, 2020

From the commencement of semester 2 2020, there will be an increase in GP registrar base rates.  

The specific clause in the National Terms and Conditions for the Employment of Registrars (NTCER) that relates to the increase is clause 11.1 Indexation – The base rates of pay prescribed in this agreement will be reviewed at the beginning of each financial year and adjusted in line with the most recent indexation of the MBS, level 23 consultation item. The new base rates of pay will become applicable in the training term immediately following the MBS increase. 

Registrars will commence receiving the MBS increase from 1 July as part of their percentage calculation.  However, the base salary rate increase of 1.5% will not come into effect until the commencement of semester 2 2020 (3 August 2020).  

For enquiries: 

  • Registrars should contact GPRA directly 
  • Supervisors and practice managers should contact GPSA directly. 


Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

On behalf of the organisation, Dr Mark Rowe is pleased to inform you that EV’s second Reconciliation Action Plan has received a conditional endorsement from Reconciliation Australia (RA).  

The development of the RAP is a collective process encompassing and embracing our partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders, stakeholders, Board and staff. It is an ongoing and progressive journey, which offers us a unique and rewarding experience and in turn, enables our ongoing progression and continuous support of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. 

The plan extends the significant achievements from our first RAP. We trust that this, the second RAP for our organisation, is similarly highlighted by meaningful change and achievement.  

EV launched its first RAP in 2017.  It included 15 actions and 144 targets that we set out to achieve in the three-year period.  Eighty-eight percent of these targets were achieved or partially achieved, a result we are proud of.  Results can be viewed here.

The design of the final document is underway and will be submitted to RA for full endorsement in July. We are planning to launch our RAP in August and will be providing you all with a copy, and in the meantime, it can be viewed here