What work will the registrar be doing?

Registrars will be working at the medical facilities providing care within Victorian correctional institutions with their supervisors and other staff from various specialities in the medical unit. Registrars are also encouraged to develop a research project or audit question during the term. In addition they are expected to become accredited to prescribe s100 antiviral medications for Hepatitis C and opiate substitution therapy and to participate in a Hepatitis B course.

Skills to be gained within the post:

The prison environment and hence this post is unique and extremely challenging but there is a high level of support and supervision. Registrars in the post will acquire skills particular to this unique setting such as dealing with difficult patients, drug seeking behaviour and mental health problems, including adjustment disorders. They will also gain an increased awareness of professional boundaries and conduct. Because of the team work based nature of the care and the impact of decisions on others in the team and the overall system, their skills in working in teams and in communication will be enhanced.