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Education Quality Improvement (December 2019)

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Education Quality Improvement

2019 has been another full year with an abundance of achievements and progress made across the breadth of EV’s program. There is also plenty that is currently ‘on the go’. 2020 promises to be an exciting year as EV continues to be an organization that embraces opportunity.

In the research portfolio, EV’s research on remodelling GP training was recently published in Australian Journal of GP, find the article here. The research team is currently examining registrar transition into GP placements. Next year’s focus will be on a curriculum for GP supervisors.

The quality assurance team is evaluating the in-practice two-way feedback, External Clinical Teaching Visits (ECTVs), training support and registrar workshops. We are particularly interested in how these activities are contributing to overall registrar learning. This evaluation will inform decisions how EV uses, and develops, these activities in the future. A survey will be circulated shortly to supervisors and registrars. Please be sure to have your say when the survey hits your inbox!

In the Supervisor and ME Professional Development (PD) portfolio we farewell Dr Patrick Kinsella as the portfolio lead. Patrick has been a major figure in GP training since he was recruited to the fledgling Gippsland regional training program in 1998. Patrick has been a champion for supervisors and registrars and for the practical implementation of training. His contribution to Gippsland, EV and national training has been immense. While relinquishing the role of portfolio lead, Patrick will continue to contribute to supervisor support and training. We welcome Dr Michael Baker as the new portfolio lead. Michael is an experienced supervisor and has contributed to the central Gippsland cluster group for many years. Next year’s supervisor PD focus will be on registrar transitions, particularly into practice and to independent practice. We are fortunate to have A/Prof Susan Wearne as the keynote speaker for the supervisor residential workshops.

For our extended rural training program, the environment continues to be a moving feast with developments in pre-vocational placements, procedural training and building a rural generalist program. Next year we will have three registrars commencing advanced skills training and six consolidating training in their advanced skills. National Rural Health Commissioner, Professor Paul Worley, recently visited Gippsland including Peter Steven’s nationally acclaimed integrated training practice in Heyfield. Professor Worley encouraged us to take leadership in Rural Generalist Training including piloting of a model single employer training.

Dr James Brown
Director of Education Quality Improvement


EV Research Unit

The EV research unit successfully attained an Education Research Grant (ERG) 2020 grant from the RACGP for a project titled ‘Developing a national GP supervisor professional development curriculum’. This project, led by Dr Julie Willems, will be undertaken in partnership with MCCC and the University of Melbourne, Department of General Practice throughout 2020.

The research team are also busy preparing an application for an RACGP 2020 Special Research Grant to fund the development of a universal supervisor development framework relevant to GPs involved in varying supervisory functions/requirements across AGPT, Remote Vocational Training Scheme (RVTS), Practice Experience Program, More Doctors for Rural Australia Program, and General Practice Experience pathways. EV is leading this application with a consortium of partnering organisations including MCCC, James Cook University, GMT, GPTT, GP Synergy, GPTQ, GPSA, and RVTS. We will receive notification of outcomes by late January 2020.

Over the past five months our team have been engaged in research exploring how we can better support registrar preparedness for, and transition to GP training. This study is drawing on information from  multiple sources, including training program selection and early assessment data; re-analysis of past research data from GP registrars, GP supervisors, and recently Fellowed-GPs; and interviews and focus groups with MEs, registrars, practice managers and training program support staff. Findings from this research will be available in a report from February 2020.

Congratulations to our four registrars who are at the tail end of their academic posts with Monash Rural Health, and the Departments of General Practice at Monash University and the University of Melbourne Department. The academic posts are a great opportunity for registrars to gain teaching and research experience within a supportive academic environment. To find out more email Dr Cat Kirby

As always, thank you to supervisors, MEs, practice managers, registrars and program staff – you are central to the research and quality improvement activities undertaken at EV. We greatly appreciate the time and input you contribute to our programs of research. We encourage you to become involved in future research projects – it’s a great way to share your experience with others; and enhance EV’s training program.

Recent publications and conference presentations

The EV research team have been successful in publishing several papers in local and international journals. This is a great way for us to communicate findings from our research to the broader GP and medical education community. You can click the titles below to access these papers.

Brown J, Kirby C, Wearne S, Snadden D. Remodelling general practice training: Tension and innovation. Australian Journal of General Practice. 2019 Nov;48(11):773.

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