Excellence Innovation Community Engagement


With the departures of James Brown and Cat Kirby, the EV research team have been busy reporting completed projects, continuing existing projects and submitting new ones. 

Completed projects

  • Transition Scoping Study – Defining preparedness for practice, and identifying the gaps that may compromise registrar and patient safety. 

Ongoing projects

  • Supervisor Professional Development Framework – Building a supervisor development framework for application in the broad range of Australian settings within which postgraduate GP supervision occurs. This framework will consider the different motivations, needs, roles and environments of GP supervisors in Australia.  
  • Developing a national GP Supervisor professional development curriculum – To identify the educational and professional development needs of Australian GP supervisors to inform a national curriculum for GP supervisors. 

New projects

  • Cultural safety and GP Supervisor continuing professional development at Eastern Victoria GP Training – To develop an EV Cultural Competency Framework that will include developing core Cultural Safety modules (face-to-face and online) with an evaluation to determine wider dissemination 

Quality Assurance and Evaluation

Using data from over 200 stakeholders to evaluate two-way feedback, ECTVs, Training Advisor visits & registrar workshops

Our overarching evaluation of two-way feedback, ECTVs, Training Advisor visits and registrar workshops is nearing completion. This evaluation tests our assumptions about what these activities do and will be used to make improvements and build a framework to support each activity in achieving positive educational outcomes. It will also be used to inform the work EV is doing around future models of training. This evaluation draws on survey and interview data from over 200 stakeholders, including registrars, supervisors and medical educators. A summary will be made available upon completion.

EV leading the way for RTOs and Colleges to take a collaborative approach to quality and evaluation nationally

The National Quality and Evaluation Network is a recently formed group, convened by EV’s Manager Quality Assurance, Belinda Garth. The purpose of the NQEN is to strengthen the quality of evaluation and quality improvement activity undertaken within RTOs by promoting and building a community of practice that supports its members to connect and share knowledge, experiences and best practice. The network currently consists of 14 RTO staff members across Australia who work in quality assurance, evaluation and research roles.

The network has met with the RACGP and will soon meet with ACRRM and looks forward to continuing conversations with both Colleges. EV is proud to be leading this group, which will become a key voice as momentum builds for a more collaborative approach to evaluation nationally in the landscape of GP training and education.