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EV ME Supports Commonwealth Games Athletes

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Pictured:  Dr Jason Lam with Prof Ken Trinh (One of the originators of the Multiple Mini Interview system beloved of the Med schools)

Dr Jason Lam, EV Medical Educator, has been working at the Commonwealth Games as a Medical Volunteer at Oxenford studios next to Movie World, home to boxing, squash and table tennis.

He reports here from the Gold Coast on his experience.

“I was lucky enough to be assigned to the Boxing at the Commonwealth Games Gold Coast 2018 which was pretty much the pick of medical placements in that we actually got to do things, saw exciting sport and was in air conditioned comfort (Table Tennis Doctors were very underutilised and the roving teams had huge backpacks in the sun and heat). The other plum gig was mountain biking – I’ll remember that for next time! Polyclinic at the Athlete Village was hectic and also had a supply room dedicated to condoms.

In boxing there is a field of play doctor and one to two in the back room managing the post bout checks, suturing and concussion assessment. I mostly ran the back end, as it was better to have a critical care person on field of play and I rather like fussing about with sutures and had no desire to be caught on international TV. There were strict rules with what was allowed suture wise and I came up with a modified suture which held up really nicely to repeated hits. There were some hairy moments with boxers coming off the bout with headache and vomiting concerning for severe head injury (He pulled up well), and quite a few concussion assessments (though not as many as I would have thought)

It was sometimes hard to watch as the initial fights were dreadfully mismatched with some nation’s boxers having only a couple of weeks of formal training up against Olympic medalists or national champions. The AIBA doctors were fascinating to talk to and I learnt a lot around boxing and the science around it as Dr Mike Loosemore is very involved in the science around boxing and concussion.”

Dr Jason Lam


jason-lam_commonwealthgames_130418 Ring extrication practice: Method acting

jason-lam_commonwealthgames_2_130418 My collection of badges which is apparently the thing to do.

jason-lam_commonwealthgames_4_130418The Oxenford boxing team with AIBA doctors (not wearing fluoro. L-R De Deborah-Ann Stephens-John (Grenada), Prof Ken Trin (Canada) and Dr Mike Loosemore MBE (England)