Change to Pivotal and EVe Login Credentials

Registrar Transition to Okta Single Sign On – Change as from 2 March 2020


A step by step guide to what is changing and what Registrars have to do.

To ensure continued access to applications, it is important you read these instructions carefully in preparation for 2 March 2020.

1.  Welcome email received from Okta.  Included in the email is a link which is displayed via a green button asking to Activate Okta Account.

2. Clicking on this button opens up the Okta set up page asking for password, select a security question and choose an image for log in.

3. After creating the account your Okta home page will appear displaying the buttons for Pivotal and Eve.

4. When you click on the Pivotal button Pivotal will open up automatically.

5. When you click on the Eve button the Eve log in page will be displayed. You need to click on the Okta button to log in.

6. If using the URL of to log in you will also see the below Okta log in page. This log in takes you straight to your Okta home page that displays the Pivotal and Eve buttons. Pivotal button takes you straight in but Eve will always ask for log in which is where you select Okta button.

7. If you use your previous URL for signing into Pivotal then you will see the Orange Sign in with Okta button.