EV supports 4 RLOs across the EV region. RLOs are current registrars selected for the role by EV management to represent registrars in matters relevant to the training provider.

The RLO role includes:

  • Organising social events
  • Attending regular meetings with the CEO and Director of training to discuss issues relevant to registrars
  • Acting as a point of contact for registrars with questions
  • Advocacy for registrar issues
  • Maintaining the registrars’ Facebook page
  • Being members of the Advisory Council for GPRA which includes attendance at meetings and discussion about relevant registrar issues
  • Representing registrar views on the training practice accreditation panel and education planning meetings

Most importantly they represent the voice of registrars and registrars are encouraged to make contact with them and provide feedback on their training experience.

Current EV RLOs

Dr Ebony Dunne – Metro

I am a GP registrar currently undertaking GPT3 and due to achieve fellowship in 2020. I grew up in Gippsland and studied at Monash University. After this I spent a few years at Monash Medical Centre before deciding to venture to different parts of Australia including Cairns to experience some tropical medicine and later Perth where I completed my Diploma of Obstetrics. 


GP has always been my goal since starting medicine and I wanted to get a good breadth of exposure to best equip me for when I got to GP land. I also have a keen interest in Women’s Health and Palliative Care and love how general practice allows me the opportunity to experience all these facets of medicine in the one profession.

I am also very passionate that having good balance and breadth of general life experience is invaluable to bring to the consulting room as a GP. My interests outside of General Practice include spending time with my family and friends, travelling and generally anything outdoor activity (from an overnight hike to an afternoon at the beach or a good day at the Australian Open). My love for being close to the water means that I am happily in the Mornington Peninsula for GPT3 and GPT4 this year.

Dr Thong Le – Metro

I am a current GPT3 registrar due to achieve fellowship in 2020. I am currently practicing in Berwick and completing an academic post at Monash University. I graduated from Deakin University in 2013 and spent my hospital years at Austin Health and Eastern Health prior to entering the GP training program.


I have really enjoyed my general practice training so far, especially the generalist nature of the work and the problem solving aspects that continually keeps things interesting. I took up a position as RLO with EV because of the experiences I have had with fellow registrars. The GP registrars at EV have been great to train and learn with during a challenging training program.  There has been a great sense of comradery amongst the registrars which is a reflection of not only the individuals, but the organisation, medical educators and the culture as a whole. I hope I can continue to foster this as an RLO by supporting registrars at EV.

Dr Alyisha Tan, General

Dr Alyisha Tan – Metro

I am a GPT1 registrar, who recently started training with EV. I am currently located in Rosebud. I went to medical school at The University of Melbourne, and have subsequently spent quite a few hospital years in Melbourne as well as in Canberra doing general medicine and intensive care, before embarking on the training program to be a general practitioner. 


My very first exposure to General Practice was through the PGPPP program. I enjoy the flexibility and variability General Practice provides, and am very much looking forward to spending the next 12 months of training in the beautiful Mornington Peninsula area. I decided to take up the RLO position so that I can be more involved with EV, and provide support to and advocate for fellow registrars during my time here. I have yet a lot to learn as a GPT1 registrar myself, but I believe I can bring valuable contributions to the organization. In my spare time, I enjoy exploring the breath-taking beaches and wineries in the peninsula, as well as spending time with friends and family after recently returning from Canberra, and weekly dancing classes. Please feel free to get in touch if there is anything you think I can be of assistance with. 

DR Damian Hannon - Rurual

Dr Damian Hannon – Rural

I am GPT1 registrar originally from Belfast Northern Ireland, now based in Gippsland and working in Moe. I completed my intern and residency year in Northern Ireland before moving to Australia in August 2015 to work in ED across several sites in Hunter New England Health in NSW. I began my GP training in February 2018 as a hospital based registrar working in Latrobe Regional Hospital in Traralgon for the year before beginning in Tanjil Place Moe.


My journey to general practice is one that took me by surprise. My previous university ambitions had always been leading me to a role in anaesthetics but after a few weeks in the role I rapidly realised it wasn’t for me. I realised I truly am a generalist and enjoy both the varied array of patient presentations and communication with those individuals. The General Practice training platform has allowed my to engage in full time training whilst simultaneously undertaking my area of specialised interest which is medical education. I currently work one day a week at Monash School of Rural Health facilitating a Clinical Application to Patients tutorial and have found this not only to be enjoyable but also a useful resource for own revision!

I have genuinely never felt more professionally fulfilled, valued and enthusiastic about my work since starting with EV. The flexibility with hours with more free time to see friends and family as well as the supportive and nurturing experience being offered by EV has really made feel totally at home both personally and professionally. I would strongly advocate for anyone currently living in metro areas to give rural training a go. If nothing else, it really is a beautiful part of the world to live in.

To contact the EV RLOs you can email them rlo@evgptraining.com.au