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From the CEO (December 2018)

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David GlassonWelcome to our latest EV newsletter.

Thank you to all who deliver GP training across Eastern Victoria.

GP Supervisors and Practice Managers: the cornerstone of the program for the significant majority of a registrar’s journey through GP Training in Eastern Victoria. We value your contribution to building the right skill sets for our future GPs, and for guiding them through the GP program.

Medical Educators: provide a quality blend of clinical experience and education know how. They are both experienced and passionate about what they do. We are grateful for their inspiring dedication to enhancing the knowledge and understanding of our registrars.

Our Program management and conscientious team of support staff know the program believe in what we do and strive for ongoing improvement. Medical Educators plus Program staff, equals excellence.

Each of you make a difference – to the why, what and how we do it. Without you there may still be a program but …

Best wishes for the festive season. Christmas and the new year are upon us and perhaps we celebrate what is to come as much as what we have achieved.