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From the CEO (March 2016)

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Our second newsletter for 2016 contains useful information for GP supervisors and practice managers, and EV registrars across Eastern Victoria.

Staff from our two offices will descend on Pakenham in April to participate in team-building activities and to celebrate 100 days as a new organisation. This continues our theme of two offices, one region. Importantly it provides our staff with the opportunity to engage face to face and share ideas on how best to support our GP training program. I want EV staff to:

  • build self-awareness of their own contribution, and that of those around them, to what we do
  • see the value created through delivering quality GP training in our region, including the difference it can make to future primary care across Eastern Victoria
  • take a can-do attitude to supporting GP training, both inside and outside the practice.

What do we do? We both deliver and support quality GP training in Eastern Victoria.

So much of what we do involves value creation – achieved by individuals. A combination of innovative and tried and tested, recognised and validated, well-supported, justifiable and sustainable. The collaboration of individuals through communication, professional development, forums, opportunities for engagement within and outside the practice, adds to value created. This is why we support these activities. GP supervisors, practice managers and support staff, medical educators, and program support staff.

I look forward to hearing your feedback on how the new organisation has performed in its first 100 days.

Commencement of the 2017 selection process for new registrars is just around the corner – application open on 11 April. The 2017 allocation for Eastern Victoria for 2017 is very similar to 2016 – 86 general pathway and 35 rural pathway.

Take a moment to explore our website at: https://www.evgptraining.com.au/. The website contains considerable detail on how the program works in Eastern Victoria. Our team have done a great job putting all the information together, and will work hard to ensure it remains up to date and of value to all of you.

The first EV GP supervisor residential is fast approaching and I look forward to meeting all those attending at San Remo in early May. Our commitment to GP supervisor residentials this year has been well received and planning is already underway for the second residential to be held at Yarra Valley in October.

David Glasson