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From the CEO (March 2018)

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Welcome to our Autumn edition of the EV Newsletter.

Already well into the third year of GP training under the EV banner – a good time to look at the current landscape across Eastern Victoria. Nearly 200 accredited training practices (and over 400 GP Supervisors), placing 300 registrars over each semester across a variety of term types both full-time and part-time. Eighty registrars Fellowing in the last year. A strong comparative history of examination and assessment performance, supported by unqualified EV accreditation from both the RACGP and ACRRM. A well-regarded education framework suited to both metropolitan and rural registrars.

It is easy to overlook the need for EV to retain the support of the Commonwealth. Continuity is rightly regarded as a critical component of a stable and reliable GP training environment for our region. In this respect we were pleased to secure a further three-year commitment covering the period 2019 through 2021. Now for the hard work of finalising the funding dollars and executing agreement terms and conditions.

Transitioning responsibility for GP training to the Colleges will be a key deliverable over that period. The Department of Health, the RACGP, ACRRM and RTOs including ourselves are working through what needs to occur to make this happen. Our level of engagement with both Colleges to date, has been very positive. Acknowledging any changes need to be well thought through by those who are best placed to contribute. The EV training community is very knowledgeable, with many who have been involved with GP training for a long time – so there is much to contribute.

Over one hundred registrars attended our Registrar Residential held at Dandenong in early February. Good feedback on both the value of the content, and the venue itself. Well done, much appreciation to our Medical Educators from across Eastern Victoria as well as our Program Support staff.

Preparations for our first GP Supervisor residential for 2018 are also well advanced. We have one hundred and twenty-five GP Supervisors attending San Remo this year – a record number. Well supported in every sense. Another vibrant event coming up, look forward to seeing all of you who have registered!

Finally let’s recognise each of you who make it happen across Eastern Victoria. Throughout what feels like periods of continual change, EV staff and everyone else involved through the training practices, Health Services and broader EV community remain engaged and motivated by what we are here to do. The objective of quality education and training to registrars across Eastern Victoria is achieved by and through the knowledge and skills you provide and your ongoing commitment. Through your efforts, GP training in this region remains in safe hands.