2021 AGPT Interview Process

(Updated on 19 June 2020)

EV interviews will be held using a Video Format Interview for both RACGP and ACRRM.


Applicants applying for 2021 AGPT with ACRRM will be interviewed via Video Format Interview on Saturday, 18 July 2020.

The Interview will be a Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) and consist of 6 questions.

ACRRM is managing the process end-to-end and working closely with EV.


EV Interview will be a Panel format, with 2-3 interviewers and consists of 6 questions.

General Pathway: 

EV will be scheduling Video Format Interviews for the General Pathway in the following time period:  Saturday 25 July, Sunday 26 July, Wednesday 29 July, Thursday 30 July, Saturday 1 August, and Sunday 2 August for a Video Format Interview.

EV is currently working hard to finalise the interview schedule. Applicants selecting EV as their preferred training provider should watch this page for updates.

Rural Pathway:

EV will be scheduling Video Format Interviews for the Rural Pathway in the following time period:  Saturday, 25 July to Sunday 26 July for a Video Format Interview.

Please Note: Applicants must participate in an interview during the scheduled dates.

2021 AGPT Selection Interviews – Impact of COVID-19

Dr Anneliese Willems is a medical educator with EV GP Training (EV). She also practices at a clinic in Richmond and tutors Clinical Skills at Monash University.

In this video, Dr Anneliese Willems provides an update on EV Interviews for the 2021 AGPT program and importantly covers the changes that will occur due to COVID-19. Please note that this information was accurate at the time of publication. All applicants should refer to the COVID-19 Information page for the latest information.