Important Information

1. EVGPT encourages new applicants to read the AGPT and EVGPT Training Policies which can be found here.

2. Being accepted into the AGPT program does not guarantee a GP term placement in 2022 due to the limited availability of placements.

3. To be considered to commence general practice training (Year 2), applicants must have met the hospital requirements including paediatrics and provide copies of hospital rotation letters or letters of service listing all rotations completed in Australia and/or New Zealand. See an example here.

4. Alternatively, applicants may choose to commence in a hospital or extended training skills

5. Transfers – Transfers between RTOs or from rural pathway to general pathway will not be possible during the nominated training period unless in exceptional or unforeseen circumstances. Applicants should read the EVGPT Policy on dealing with transfers.ED-Org-8.16-AGPT-Program-Transfers

6. EVGPT does not accept applicants on any temporary visa subclass TSS.

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