AGPT General Pathway

The General Pathway is for doctors who choose to train primarily in inner and outer metropolitan locations. There are a range of benefits and opportunities commensurate with training on the General Pathway, for example:

  • access to specialist training such as mental health, addiction medicine, paediatrics, anaesthetics, surgery and obstetrics; and
  • access to mentors and professional relationships.

AGPT registrars on the General Pathway must undertake twelve months of their training in a prescribed location. Refer to the AGPT Training Obligations Policy at Australian Government Department of Health website for further information.

General Pathway in Eastern Victoria 

Registrars in Eastern Victoria can undertake the AGPT program in the General Pathway in the Metropolitan Training Region. See our training region here.

The General Pathway is ideal for you if you wish to complete all or most of your training in the metropolitan area. As part of your training, you will be required to complete twelve months of training in an outer metropolitan location. However, the remainder of your training time can be spent in the inner metropolitan area if you wish. There are also restrictions on General Pathway registrars wishing to train in rural areas as places will be preferentially allocated to Rural Pathway registrars and subject to availability.