PEP Overview

The Practice Experience Program (PEP) is a program introduced in 2019 on the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners’ (RACGP’s) pathway to Fellowship. The PEP provides targeted educational support for non-vocationally registered (non-VR) doctors to help them prepare for Fellowship of the RACGP (FRACGP).

The PEP is a supported, self-directed program of practical and relevant educational activities delivered by the RACGP in partnership with EV and other RTOs across Australia.

The PEP has been delivered by EVGPT since January 2019 with quarterly intakes. From 2022 onwards, undertaking an RACGP approved program will be compulsory to be eligible to sit the FRACGP exams.

If further information is required, you can contact Questions regarding the delivery of PEP by EV can be directed to 1300 384 737 or

PEP Clinical Case Analysis (CCA) Information for current EV PEP participants

Time has been scheduled for CCA on the same day as your Simulated Consultation.


Random Case Analysis (RCA)

If RCA is scheduled, there is no advance preparation required by the PEP participant.


Clinical Based Discussion (CBD)

If CBD is scheduled, you are asked to follow the steps below.  Cases need to be submitted at least two weeks prior to your assessment date for review by your Additional Medical Educator (AME).

In order to prepare for your CBD, please complete the required number of de-identified cases on the PEP Portal. On the PEP Portal, choose the “Assessments and Forms” tile on your dashboard, then choose “Clinical Case Analysis – Submission +” and enter the (de-identified) details of a case.

We suggest you choose cases that vary – suggestions include a chronic disease case, a new patient presentation, a child/adolescent case, a case with social or mental health issue.

Case studies submitted for CBD must not have any medico legal bearing. These case(s) must not be under AHPRA/ legal inquiry or pending resolution from a patient / third party complaint.

You can click save half way through and return to it later.  Once you have completed a case, click on Submit.  Repeat these steps so that the required number of cases are submitted to your AME.

It would also be helpful if you would send through to your AME any de-identified case notes you have for the case(s) via email.  Your AME was copied in to emails sent to you confirming your assessment, so you can access their address there.


Information pertaining to both RCA and CBD

The RACGP requires your AME to use the PEP Clinical Case Analysis Rating to rate your CCA.  Refer to the PEP Clinical Case Analysis Summary.

For further information, please refer to the current PEP Participant Guide for information on Direct Observations and CCA.  The Guide can be accessed here.

Zoom help for PEP Participants

Zoom meeting preparation

Zoom Invitation

  • EV sends Zoom meeting invitations by email. The email will have a link (URL) which you will click on the day to get into your meeting.
  • If you cannot use the URL and need to manually connect, you will be asked for the Zoom Meeting ID and Password. Both items are in the email.

Connecting to a Zoom Meeting

  • Click on the link provided by email to connect to Zoom.
  • The Zoom client will open and ask you how you want to join.
  • In most instances “Join with Computer Audio” is sufficient.
  • If you have not tested your Speaker/Headset and Microphone, now is the time to do that.
  • You may automatically be moved into a waiting room or wait for the host to join first. This will come up on your screen.
  • If you need to connect by phone only then choose “Phone Call” from the above screen.

Zoom Navigation

  • The following image shows you where to control your audio and video.
  • Click on the icons to turn your microphone and/or camera on or off.
  • Selecting the ‘up arrow’ will display more audio or visual options.
  • Additional Zoom settings (not related to audio or video) are at the bottom of the Zoom window and include a number of options
  • If you want to exit then click on Leave Meeting
  • You can control how you view all the video-feeds. Normally in the top right corner of the screen, there is a button called “view”. This allows you to select “Gallery” or Speaker views. Gallery view allows you to see everyone at once. Speaker view shows only the person who is speaking. Your computer processor may limit the number of feeds you can see.

Zoom Security Settings

Your host will determine what level of access and security you have in the meeting including whether:

    • You are muted
    • You can chat
    • You can share your screen
    • You can react with emoticons
    • You can enter a Breakout Room
    • Whether you can record

Zoom Telehealth Consultation

  • In the event of a telehealth consultation, you must get the patient’s consent and note it in the patient’s medical record. You also need to put your phone on speaker mode and put device close to phone, so the Medical Educator can hear.