Training practices

A training practice is a general practice that has an established capacity and commitment to support the training of GP registrars and is often also involved with

undergraduate students. Training practices are accredited based upon the requirements of the two GP colleges – RACGP and ACRRM. Most importantly, training practice staff ensure that registrars are well supervised in their delivery of safe and effective health care.Registrars are placed with accredited practices according to preferences of both parties.

EV GP Training has a number of accredited practices that host registrars for GP training.  The number of places available changes frequently and is subject to a number of variables outside our control.  Even though a registrar may be deemed practice ready, they may not be offered a placement in general practice and will therefore have to consider taking a hospital-based position such as hospital training, extended or advanced skills training.

There are no guarantees that a registrar will be offered a placement in general practice upon commencement of training due to limited availability of placements.  Registrars should refer to the Ed-Org-8-1 Registrar Selection 2017

Experienced GP supervisors

The majority of general practice training occurs inpractice and having access to experienced, dedicated and approachable GP supervisors is important. Supervisors who work alongside them each day supporting them through their clinical presentations, guiding and assisting when and as required. Supervisors recognise the enormous value future doctors will make to the profession and understand the importance of hands-on supervision and quality advice in a trainee’s development.

Commitment to learning

Supervisors involved in GP training are committed to shaping the next generation of GPs. Supervisors undergo comprehensive supervisor professional development programs to help enhance their teaching skills.

Part of the team

There is enormous variety in the size and structure of practices where you will undertake your training. Many practices employ several doctors, as well as Practice Managers and Practice Nurses allowing you to do what you do

best, in a supportive, interactive environment.

Medical education

EV GP Training provides quality, first-class GP training. The training is designed and delivered by dedicated supervisors and medical educators using a variety of learning methodologies and approaches. These approaches have consistently produced registrars who report an exceptional level of satisfaction with their training placements and educational outcomes.

Registrars benefit from a hands-on approach, strong mentoring support and regular workshops. The informative and interactive workshops are highly valued by registrars. They provide a forum to address a wide range of issues in an environment where peer support and networking are encouraged. The program incorporate RACGP and ACRRM curriculum as appropriate in practical sessions.