Medical Education (June 2019)

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The End of Semester Approaches

As the end of the Semester approaches, it is a timely reminder of the importance of registrars and supervisors taking the time to discuss the term and provide feedback to each other and also complete the written feedback for EV. EV uses the written feedback as part of the cohort reviews that occur on 28 June for the General Pathway registrars and over three dates in early July for the Rural Pathway registrars. These meetings involve senior educators reviewing the information available on how a registrar is progressing in their training. Thanks in advance for your timely completion of the feedback by the due date.

The National Experience

In early June there were two days of meetings involving Leading Medical Educators from all Australian regional training organisations. These meetings provide a valuable opportunity to understand what other areas are doing and also to discuss issues with the Colleges and other relevant organisations, including the Australian Defence Force.


Applications for the Australian General Practice Training Program (AGPT) for 2020 are currently being considered. A concern nationally is that the numbers of applicants are less than last year, continuing a trend of decreasing applications for GP training. The reasons for this are the subject of much interest and discussion. It is likely there will be a further national application period later in the year for the 2020 intake. At this stage, the EV applicant numbers appear sufficient to fill all of our places – if there are suitable applicants. This is not the case nationally.


Many EV educators and staff are involved in the organisation of GPTEC 19 in Melbourne in September. The program has now been published and is available online. Congratulations to all who submitted abstracts. We are looking forward to the diverse range of educational and networking opportunities for supervisors, educators, program staff and practice managers that the conference will provide.

Practice Experience Program (PEP)

The PEP program started in 2019 focusing on doctors who are working clinically in the community but have not attained a College Fellowship. It is an educational support program and quite different in how it operates from the Australian General Practice Training Program. For that reason EV is managing it as a distinctly separate program. A second intake will join PEP in the second half of the year.

Professor Neil Spike
Director of Training