Excellence Innovation Community Engagement

“Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.”  - Jonas Salk 

Program Review

Over the past two years, the EV medical education team has been undertaking a review of its program based on current educational literature and opportunities provided by the transition to college-led training.  As a result, changes will be piloted for the new GPT1 intake in 2021.2. The principles behind the modified program include:  

  • Supporting registrars to take responsibility for training planning and learning progress in which they seek feedback and develop a reflective and life-long learning approach to GP practice  
  • Supporting practices and supervisors to provide quality GP training tailored to the needs of the individual registrar  
  • Providing information about expected performance standards and program outcomes to registrars, supervisors and MEs throughout the training process to promote shared understanding  
  • Ensuring registrar and patient safety through sufficient direct observation, formative feedback and review of progress 
  • Utilising multiple sources of data to enable triangulation of information to understand and make decisions about registrar progress 
  • Proactively determining registrar readiness to sit summative assessments (RACGP examinations) using information gathered during training to that point in time 

EV is in discussions with RACGP and the Council of Censors to align the pilot with the planned RACGP progressive assessment project. Further information for registrars, practices and MEs who will be involved in the pilot will be released and discussed within the next month.  

Program Delivery

For Semester 1 EV has delivered all education and training activities remotely. COVID will be an ongoing environmental risk. The amount of risk at any one time will vary depending on the level of current community transmission in an area. The Senior Management Team (SMT) is currently reviewing the health advisories to provide a recommendation for these activities in Semester 2. From an EV perspective there are actions we can direct to reduce risks, but it is not possible for there to be a process which eliminates personal or organisational risk. Given the recent Lockdown 4.0 in Victoria, a flexible timetable for implementing any recommendations will be considered and appropriate provisos included. 

Practice Experience Program

The Practice Experience Program (PEP) continues at EV with 53 current participants. Since the program started in January 2020, 32 participants have completed the program with EV. Our first participant recently completed their exam requirements for fellowship. Others have passed various examination components. As with AGPT, all activities have been delivered remotely requiring significant adaptability by the participants and their practices but also by the administrative and educational staff at EV.  

College Examinations

Recent college examination results have been generally pleasing. The 2021.1 AKT and KFP results were particularly strong. Congratulations to all those who have been successful, and EV continues to work with those who have not yet met their examination requirements. The RACGP has begun releasing information regarding the move from RCE to CCE. EV will continue to support our registrars in preparation for this new RACGP component, as well as continue to support our ACRRM registrars for their assessments.  


Professor Neil Spike, AM
Director of Medical Education & Training