Excellence Innovation Community Engagement

Abnormal is becoming so common, it’s practically normal…… 


There has been no area of the community and what we do as a profession that has not been significantly affected by the pandemic. Everyone knows how these events have affected them personally and those around them. Suffice to say at this stage that I have been in awe of the commitment and resilience on daily display by registrars and practices in supporting their communities. Similarly, the EV staff involved in delivering remote alternative education and training programs have demonstrated innovation and stamina in their approaches to supporting training practices and trainees. 

All face-to-face workshops and practice visits will continue to be delivered remotely until health advisories allow for appropriate risk assessment tools to be in place. Whilst acknowledging our desire for social contact we have a responsibility to prioritise the safety of all involved in our programs. 

EV continues to work with ACRRM and RACGP to address the challenges presented by COVID-19. ACRRM continues fortnightly Zoom meetings with CEOs and DoTs from all training organisations. The RACGP leadership has been in regular communication with CEOs and DoTs in relation to the change from an OSCE to a Remote Clinical Exam (RCE). 

Practice Experience Program (PEP) 

Similar to the AGPT program, PEP has adopted remote activities to allow participants to meet their program requirements. The RACGP has allowed three-month extensions for those affected by COVID-19. The PEP team have continued to support our participants in their mentoring and assessment roles.