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Medical Education News (August 2016)

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“The world as we have created it, is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”
Albert Einstein

The EV education team are continuing their tremendous efforts to review the existing components of the Gippsland and metropolitan programs to determine where integration across the region will be both effective and efficient. The Senior Educator Leadership Team (SELT) continue their monthly meetings with guidance from the portfolio coordinators and lively, productive discussions on future plans. In addition to these monthly meetings, an all-day planning meeting will be scheduled for September.

The broader education team met in Churchill on 22 July for a professional development day coordinated by Patrick Kinsella. Such days are vital, not simply to improve the skills of the EV MEs, but also as an important communication opportunity to improve our understanding of the differing contexts across the EV footprint. The next ME meeting will be held in conjunction with the GP Supervisor residential in October.

EV MEs will be presenting a range of papers and workshops at the General Practice Training and Education Conference (GPTEC) from 31 August – 1 September. Congratulations to all who had their abstracts accepted.

Many EV registrars sat the AKT and KFP on 30 July. We hope all went well. The first of the results will be released on 1 September.

Neil Spike
Director of Training

Educational Development

Program integration has been a focus for the work of educational development. There has been considerable effort by EV and its staff into building relationships and developing common goals. The leadership provided by David Glasson and Neil Spike during this formative time has been both strong and enabling. I am very much enjoying working with our team of educators, administrators and supervisors.

Domains and processes for feedback
A draft framework for EV registrar domains of competence has been developed under Andrew Robert’s leadership. This has been to the senior educator team and to the broader medical educator group for comment. With this input a final framework for EV registrar domains of competence will be ready shortly. In parallel to this, a process for feedback to registrars, supervisors and practices has been developed. A fundamental feature of this process is open feedback that is framed in a way that enables improvement. This together with the associated forms will be trialled in the first half of semester 2 in order to have an organisation wide process ready for 2017.

Medical Educator Meeting
We held our third medical educator meeting at Churchill in July. Judith Culliver and Patrick Kinsella ran professional development sessions on teaching visit issues and on the flipped class room. Andrew Roberts ran a workshop on what parts of the curriculum are best taught in which parts of the program. The day was appreciated by the attendees.

James Brown
Director of Educational Development