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Medical Education News (December 2018)

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Professor Neil Spike Director of Training

In addition to EV’s registrar training program (part of AGPT), EV will also be involved in the new Practice Experience Program (PEP) from mid-January 2019. PEP is an education support program where the Initial Consulting Skills Analysis (ICSA) is completed by RACGP medical educators and forwarded to the RTOs to develop learning plans for the participants in their geographic region. The medical educators will be mentors and/or assessors in the program and are required to meet the requirements of the RACGP for each participant. Whilst EV is still awaiting final numbers of participants, the RACGP has advised that there will be 45 participants at EV in the program for the beginning of 2019. Nationally the number of participants is 288.

Melanie Khan is the PEP Admin Coordinator and commenced this month. New medical educators will begin late in December or early January in preparation for the program. The RACGP have been providing a series of workshops for both MEs and admin coordinators.

The A-V equipment in simulation centre at Hawthorn is being updated to enable EV to meet the direct observation requirement for all participants in the program.

The funding advised by RACGP is $6000 per participant ($4000 commonwealth-funded via RACGP and $2000 co-payment from each participant).

Interested in knowing more about the PEP? See the RACGP website or contact Melanie Khan 

Neil Spike
Director of Training