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Medical Education News (December 2019)

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Medical education

As the term ends

The Week 20 Feedback Reports by registrars and supervisors are due no later than 20 December. So now is the time discuss and complete these reports. Your discussions should provide information to help of both the registrar and the supervisor to improve in their role and acknowledge the efforts of the term to date. The reports can allow EV to understand how each registrar and supervisor is progressing and formal documentation can assist in developing plans to address any issues identified and provide any additional support needed.

It is also important for registrars to review their Learning Plan and ensure they have addressed the learning opportunities identified for this term and this practice – if not there is still January! Registrars are also encouraged to review their Training Plan to review what has occurred and if necessary update their plans.

Registrar cohort reviews

As the term nears an end, EV program support and medical education staff review registrar progress. The cohort review of the general pathway registrars occurred last week and the rural pathway registrar progress reviews will occur in January. As part of the review, the EV team considers multiple sources of information for each registrar, including the GP Supervisor, ECTV reports and timeliness of completion of program requirements. Program support staff will be following up with registrars in the first instance around identified issues and requirements.

Expressions of interest in Medical Education positions

Thank you to all the supervisors who expressed an interest in potential Medical Educator work. It was encouraging to see the number interested in expanding their supervisor role, with different interests and potential availability. The 2020 medical educator workforce needs are currently been finalised. Supervisors who indicated an interest should have been notified that they will receive a response by the end of the month.


The AGPT and the Colleges have policies that change over time and impact on the training program participants and EV. The RACGP has updated its policy in regards to diversity of practice. They have now clarified the requirement for a diverse range of patients, a diverse supervision experience and diversity of practice management over the course of training placements. EV will be working through the implementation of this over the coming months.


The RACGP 2019.2 OSCE results will be available 18 December. Good luck to all those now enrolled in the RACGP written exams in early February 2020. A common question is how a supervisor assist a registrar can prepare for the Key Feature Problems (KFP) exam. The KFP assesses clinical reasoning. Random Case Analysis (RCA) is a powerful tool for understanding and allowing insight into clinical reasoning. GPSA has a freely accessible guides if you want to refresh your knowledge of clinical decision making and RCA.

ACRRM registrars intending to sit assessments in Semester 1 of 2020 need to enrol by 24 January 2020. Congratulations to those ACRRM registrars who successfully passed the MCQ and Primary Care StAMPS this semester.


Thank you again to all supervisors, registrars, educators and staff for your enthusiasm, time and hard work throughout 2019. I hope you have a safe and joyous festive season with those you love and feel refreshed for new challenges at the start of 2020.

Professor Neil Spike
Director of Training