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Medical Education News (March 2018)

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What does the future hold for medical educators?

This question has most likely crossed the minds of many of you who have been involved in in medical education and more specifically GP training. An answer that many of you may have used regularly in practice is “It depends”. There is uncertainty in terms of the 2019-2021 funding period for RTOs by the Department of Health and what college-led training will look like in 2022. In the words of the Joe Cocker song – “Have a Little Faith…”, not “in me” but in yourselves. The contributions of MEs to the quality of EV’s program that has built on the legacy organisations in our region over the decades, should never be diminished.


I have heard much recent discussion, including from the RACGP, about the importance of RTOs in continuing and expanding quality education and training for General Practice. The RACGP is developing their Practice Experience Program which will provide many additional opportunities for educators and supervisors to engage with a new population working in, and preparing for, recognised General Practice in Australia. The AGPT program of the next triennium (and beyond) may well look quite different to what is currently being delivered. How different, depends largely on how we as educators influence innovative thinking and provide evidence of meaningful outcomes.


I encourage all of you to think critically about the what it is we do as medical educators. Are there more effective education and training programs for future GPs? How can we provide greater opportunities in programs that are more flexible for different cohorts of learners? Can we demonstrate that current and new models of training are actually achieving the outcomes of better practice for patients? Herein lies our future. There are currently opportunities to shape this future, but it requires all of us to answer these and other questions.


I welcome your diverse thoughts and ideas on facing these new challenges.


We need diversity of thought in the world to face the new challenges. (Tim Berners-Lee)


Neil Spike
Director of Training