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Medical Education News (September 2017)

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“The road to insight runs through others.”


Registrar Cohort Review         

Each semester senior medical educators and program managers review the EV registrar cohort to determine each registrar’s progress through the AGPT, RACGP and ACRRM program requirements. This is an important process to ensure registrars receive reminders and any additional educational support they may need.

Some general observations from the semester 1 review are listed below:

  • 85% of registrars had completed learning planner documentation
  • 100% of GPT1 registrars had completed their initial assessment requirements
  • 78% of registrars had completed their feedback forms on their practice placements
  • 83% of supervisors had completed feedback forms on their registrars
  • 100% of registrars had received their allocated EVTCs

It was noted that registrars were less compliant in advising EV of their enrolment or withdrawal from College assessments.

Remember that two-way feedback meeting (and resulting documentation) is required at week 6 and week 20 of each term.

RTOs are required by RACGP to sign-off on a registrar’s “readiness to sit”. An important component is having all registrar and supervisor feedback completed and uploaded for each training term. If this is not completed by the time of enrolments, registrars may not be eligible to sit their exams.

Direct observation

“You can observe a lot just by watching” – Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra

Don’t forget the educational value of sitting-in with registrars and providing feedback on their consultations. Likewise, registrars report great value in sitting-in with their supervisors and watching them work too!

EV educators on the national stage

Below is a list of the presentations and workshops by members of the EV education team at the recent national conferences and meetings in Sydney. I am sure any of the presenters would be happy to talk with you about their experiences.

GPTEC, Sydney 15 – 17 August 2017

“From an identify point of view yes, I’m a GP, but I’m also a business owner and parent”; the role of relationships in GP supervisors’ professional identity formation.


Belinda Garth


“Everyone else knows what they are doing and I don’t” – supporting clinicians in their transition to supervisor to build and sustain a supervisor workforce.


Belinda Garth


Registrar medical educator – a learning journey.


Elizabeth Bulling and Jason Lam


A “linked learning” approach for registrar peer learning workshops.


Andrew Baird


Addressing common childhood problems in general practice:  do GP registrars see children with bowel and bladder problems?


Neil Spike


The supervisory encounter:  managing multiple agendas James Brown


Program evaluation and quality improvement:  use of the logic model to enhance our training and education programs.


Cat Kirby


Medical education journal clubs: the evidence base, collaborative action research, and a real-time experience.


Tim Clement, Cat Kirby, Stacey Nyakunu and Nicky White


How is educational theory used in GP vocational training research?


James Brown


GPME, Sydney 18 August 2017

The John Fisher Memorial Presentation


A personal journey – Bill, Bonsai and Bushido




Neil Spike


What is the use of educational theory? Enriching educational practice with educational theory.


James Brown


Skinning the cat! The AGPT curriculum is delivered in many ways, what do you do?


Cat Kirby, Merryn Smith, James Brown, Susan Wearne


Please feel free to contact me for any further information on the above topics or any other training issues.

Neil Spike, Director of Training