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Medical Education (September 2018)

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Professor Neil Spike Director of TrainingMost people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them.
– Henry Ford

Making a mark:

EV has been very well represented at recent conferences and challenged audiences with their presentations, workshops and plenary sessions. James Brown, Heather Grusauskas and Belinda Garth brought EV innovations and ideas to the AMEE international conference in August. Over 35 EV staff and supervisors attended GPTEC 2018 in Adelaide recently. The individual activities have been listed elsewhere, but suffice to say, the informal feedback from others attending their presentations and workshops was very positive. Congratulations to all involved.

Now the attention moved to GPTEC 2019 to be held in Melbourne as a joint MCCC and EV (ad)venture. The Management Committee, Program Committee, Social Committee and Marketing Committee are seeking ideas and contributions to make, what may be the final GPTEC, a meaningful success as a celebration of General Practice and General Practice Training as well as a significant contribution to an innovative transition of training responsibilities to the Colleges. R-evolution – Redefining the future is the theme.

A success story:

An EV registrar, Dr Pallavi Prathivadi, a PhD student and currently an academic registrar at the Department of General Practice, Monash University, has been selected to represent Australia in the prestigious Homeward Bound global leadership program for women in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM). Dr Pallavi Prathivadi is one of 95 women selected from around the world, which includes only 6 doctors with Dr Prathivadi being the only General Practitioner in the cohort.

The program is a ground-breaking initiative that involves an intensive 12-month course in leadership development, strategic capability, visibility and science communication, and science collaboration. The program culminates in a 3-week voyage to Antarctica, departing from Ushuaia, Argentina in November 2019. This trip will be the largest female-only expedition to Antarctica to date, and will feature a ‘Symposium at Sea’. Dr Prathivadi will have the opportunity to network and establish a shared understanding of global science and medical concerns, research agendas and develop relevant strategic plans.

EV GP Training is proud to be a sponsor for Dr Prathivadi to be an integral GP voice for this initiative. We wish her an exciting and productive year.

A PEP talk:

The RACGP Practice Experience Program (PEP) is moving rapidly to implementation of Phase I in January 2019. Each RTO has been sent the number of applicants for their geographic footprint. EV has the third highest number of participants of all RTOs, so there is a significant role ahead. As PEP is funded separately from the AGPT program, EV is seeking to recruit a separate educational and administrative workforce to deliver this education support program. EV has been fortunate to have a number of expressions of interest in these new positions of PEP ME, which include a mentor/assessor role.

Draft contracts between RACGP and RTOs are under review and will provide clarity on the specific funding available, thus allowing finalisation of roles and activities to be delivered for the number of proposed participants in EV.

Anyone who is not currently working in an AGPT program role, and would like further information about PEP, please feel free to contact me by email (neil.spike@evgptraining.com.au)

SEPT planning day

The SEPT group has their annual planning day on Wednesday 26th September. The plan for the day is to take a “big picture” look at opportunities and challenges with the transition of training to the Colleges in the next triennium. Portfolio coordinators have been encouraged to seek ideas from staff within each portfolio for consideration on the day. Similarly, any ideas generated by SEPT will be circulated back to portfolio staff and SMT for further input. All ideas are welcome!

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.
– Andy Warhol

Professor Neil Spike,
Director of Training