What work will the registrar be doing?

Registrars working in mental health posts will work as part of a primary mental health team managing and assessing patients with mental health conditions. They will also be able to participate in programs for the monitoring of physical risk factors (such as cardiovascular) and other health issues (non mental health) in patients managed within the clinic and attend clinical review meetings in a multidisciplinary setting

Skills to be gained within the post:

These posts are beneficial in a number of ways. They help to improve skills in mental health assessment and management in an outpatient setting as well as helping to develop better skills in the integration between mental health issues and other medical issues. Exposure to hospital cases can help to improve skills in the management of more difficult psychiatric patients including those with psychosis. Lastly, by being involved with and therefore become more familiar with the services associated with mental health care in the community, they will develop better knowledge about how to access these.