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Message from the Chair (August 2016)

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Niel Greenaway

EV has now been operational for six months and it is pleasing to report that we are in a sound financial position. All Board Committees have been established and have met on at least one occasion with the Terms of Reference for each committees reviewed and updated. We are in the process of setting the first date of the Regional Interests Advisory Committee (RIAG) which acts as an advisory group to the Board.

The Board is in the process of developing a program of guest speakers and professional development which aligns with our Strategic Directions. During August the Board will work with management, staff and stakeholders as we prepare a Reconciliation Action Plan for EV. This is an important piece of work that demonstrates our commitment to Closing the Gap, respecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and reconciliation in Australia.

The Board noted the re-election of the Turnbull Government and the re-appointment of Ms Sussan Ley as the Minister for Health, we look forward to working with them on enhancing general practice training in Eastern Victoria.

As the Chair of EV I welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement/innovation, contact can be made via Julie Rogalsky, Company Secretary on julie.rogalsky@evgptraining.com.au or 5132 3111.

Neil Greenaway