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Message from the Chair (December 2016)

By December 13, 2016No Comments

Niel GreenawayThe end of our first year of operation is fast approaching.  On behalf of the Board I take this opportunity to wish staff, registrars, supervisors, medical educators and practice managers a safe and joyous Christmas and 2017.

There is a lot to be proud of in our first year and I commend all who have been involved and contributed.  From a governance perspective I am pleased to report that the Board, its committees and the Regional Interests Advisory Group (RIAG) are working well and assist Directors in fulfilling our role.

The regular financial and non-financial performance indicators and reports the Board receives confirms that the organisation is progressing, and well on its way to achieving our Strategic Directions by providing high quality vocational education and training for general practice in rural and metropolitan environments. For 2017 we look forward to engaging more with stakeholders, placing a greater emphasis on monitoring and adjusting to industry changes and looking for opportunities to benchmark ourselves against peers.

The Registrar Satisfaction Survey is open and I encourage all EV registrars to complete this survey. Your feedback is essential in letting us know how we are going in supporting you, it is also used to inform improvements and changes to GP.

As the Chair of EV I welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement/innovation, contact can be made via Julie Rogalsky, Company Secretary on Julie.rogalsky@evgptraining or 5132 3111.

Again, thank you for your contribution to our success in 2016 and best wishes for a happy Christmas and New Year 2017.

Neil Greenaway