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Message from the Chair (May 2016)

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Niel GreenawayOn Tuesday 19 April we held our first Annual General Meeting (AGM) and officially announced the Appointed Directors, Eligible Directors and new company members.

We now have an 11 person Board, the Directors are:

Eligible Registrar Directors – Dr Anthony Hadj (General Pathway) and Dr Mitch Kraan (Rural Pathway) for a term of 2 years each.

Eligible Supervisor Directors – Dr Fred Edwards (Rural Pathway) and Dr Laurie Warfe (General Pathway) for a term of 3 years each.

Appointed Directors – Mr Neil Greenaway for 3 years, Ms Lea Pope for 2 years and Dr Edward Vergara for 1 year.

Existing Founding Directors – Dr Letitia Clark, Dr Nola Maxfield, Dr Grant Connoley and Dr Roheela D’Cruz

At the conclusion of the AGM and in in accordance with the Eastern Victoria GP Training Constitution, the Founding Members being Victorian Metropolitan Alliance and Southern GP Training cease to be Members. These organisations were acknowledged for their contribution in supporting GP training in southern and central Victoria.

Our first meeting as a full Board was held on Tuesday 17 May, during the meeting we determined office-bearer positions and Board committee membership. It was resolved that I will be the Chair for another 12 months and Dr Nola Maxfield the Deputy Chair.

The Board has three committees and we support an Advisory Group. Membership for the next 12 months is:

Nominations and Remunerations Committee: Neil Greenaway (Chair), Anthony Hadj and Laurie Warfe

Finance Audit and Risk Management Committee: Lea Pope (Chair), Letitia Clark, Grant Connoley and Edward Vergara

Clinical Governance and Education Quality Committee: Nola Maxfield (Chair), Mitch Kraan and Roheela D’Cruz

Regional Interests Advisory Group: Fred Edwards

It has been a busy but productive time during the transition period and our first four months of operation, I am pleased to say that we are well on way to achieving our mission which is to “provide high quality education, training and support for GP Registrars, Supervisors and Training Practices across Eastern Victoria.”

Neil Greenaway