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Obstetric & Anaesthetic Registrar Statewide Workshops (September 2018)

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Obstetric & Anaesthetic Registrar Statewide Workshops


A combined GPO and GPA Statewide Workshop was held in Warragul on 7-8 July with trainees who traveled from as far as Wangaratta, Mildura and in between.  The workshop, the first for the Gippsland Region, was convened by Drs Antony Wong and Louise Sterling and supported by Dr Letitia Clark (Trafalgar), Dr Warrick Pill (Warragul), Dr Mick Shaw (Ballarat), Dr Kasia Ibrahim (Wangaratta), Dr Bill Fraser (Warragul) and Dr Deepak Kerhalkar (Traralgon) with a focus on health and wellbeing of both doctors and patients. Trainees were provided the opportunity to undertake a 3 hour ‘Breaking Bad News Workshop’ with local Clinical Psychologist Dr John Reeves supported by Veronica Porcaro, Actress and Communication Consultant. John also provided a session on Critical Incident/Stress Management and a Crisis Management Mix session was facilitated by Antony. Dr Rupert Sherwood (Senior Staff Specialist O&G, Head of Gynaecology Unit Western Health ITP Coordinator Sunshine Hospital, Western Health) provided the GPO group with an afternoon of tips and tricks and invaluable clinical skills.  The networking and collegiality was enhanced with Gippsland registrars currently undertaking their consolidation of skills training as well as passing on some valuable advice on their experience of undertaking the JCCA and DRANZCOG Adv.  The workshop and dinner at Hogget was extremely well received and a special mention to Antony and Louise for the effort and time they put into planning such a successful and valuable workshop.

An Obstetric & Anaesthetic Registrar Workshop is scheduled for 13 & 14 October 2018 in Wangaratta.