What work will the registrar be doing?

The registrar will be part of a multidisciplinary team providing care to patients in the hospital and/or community and will be supervised by a palliative medicine physician. During the term the registrar is involved in regular ward rounds, medical admissions team meetings and family meetings. They also provide support to the community team as needed and are able to attend community visits. This care will include respite care, symptom control and restorative care.

Skills to be gained within the post:

There are numerous learning opportunities in the term including dealing with family and carers of palliative care patients and dealing with allied health professionals involved in their care through family and multidisciplinary team meetings. The registrar is directly involved with the treatment of the patient and will therefore learn to deal with palliative care patients including the management of common symptoms and pain management. Apart from the opportunity to broaden general clinical skills registrars are able to gain skills in respire and terminal care and especially to develop their communication skills. Many of these positions provide clinical experience that can contribute to the attainment of a Diploma of Palliative Care.