EV training policies and forms

EV’s organisation policies and procedures 

Forms relating to policies are located below the policies’ section.

ED-Org-8.01 Registrar Selection

ED-Org-8.02 Registrar Responsibilities

ED-Org-8.03 Prior Learning Assessment

ED-Org-8.04 Recognition of Prior Learning

ED-Org-8.05 Skills Training

ED-Org-8.06 Matching Registrars to Practices

ED-Org-8.07 Medicare Provider Number

ED-Org-8.08 Practice Placement Obligations

ED-Org-8.09 Registrar Training Time

ED-Org-8.10 Registrar Safety

ED-Org-8.11 Program Requirements Group Learning and Activities

ED-Org-8.12 Program Requirements In Practice Feedback and Learning

ED-Org-8.13 AGPT Program Leave

ED-Org-8.16 AGPT Program Transfers

ED-Org-8.17 Registrar Withdrawal

ED-Org-8.18 Additional Registrar Support

ED-Org-8.19 Completion of Training

ED-Org-8.20 Training Post and Supervisor Accreditation

ED-Org-8.21 Supervisor Responsibilities

ED-Org-8.22 Complaints Grievance and Appeals

ED-Org-8.23 Critical Incident and Adverse Event Notification

ED-Org-8.24 Training Post and Supervisor Support Monitoring and Withdrawal


Related forms

Application for Registrars to Participate in Remotely Delivered Telehealth Consultations 

Complaint Grievance or Appeal Reporting

DISQ and CFET Form

Education Enhancement Activities Form

Mini CEX form

Part-time Application

Procedural Skills Log

Program Leave Application


Policy Statements and Frameworks

A Framework for Managing Training Practice and Registrar Issues

Professional and Ethical Behaviour Statement

AGPT policies

All AGPT program policies are available here.

EV Governance Policies



Human Resources

Risk Management and Compliance

Quality Assurance and Improvement

Workplace Health and Safety

Information Management

Education and Training