EV training policies and forms in effect from 1 January 2017

Governance policies

Ed-Gov-8-1 Training and Education Policy

EV’s organisation policies and procedures 

Forms relating to policies are located below the policies’ section.

Ed-Org-8-1 Registrar Selection
Ed-Org-8-2 Registrar-Responsibilities
Ed-Org-8-3 Prior Learning Assessment
Ed-Org-8-4 Recognition of Prior Learning
Ed-Org-8-5 Skills Training
Ed-Org-8-6 Matching Applicants to Practices
Ed-Org-8-7 Medicare Provider Number
Ed-Org-8-8 Practice Placement Obligations
Ed-Org-8-9 Training Obligations
Ed-Org-8-10 Registrar Safety
Ed-Org-8-11 Program Requirements Group Learning and Activities
Ed-Org-8-12 Program Requirements in Practice Learning
Ed-Org-8-13 AGPT Program Leave
Ed-Org-8-14 External Clinical Teaching Visits Mini Cex and Training Advisor
Ed-Org-8-15 Registrar Extension of Training
Ed-Org-8-16 AGPT Program Transfers
Ed-Org-8-17 Registrar Withdrawal
Ed-Org-8-18 Additional Registrar Support
Ed-Org-8-19 Completion of Training
Ed-Org-8-20 Training Facility and Supervisor Accreditation
Ed-Org-8-21 Supervisor Responsibilities
Ed-Org-8-22 Complaints Grievance and Appeals
Ed-Org-8-23 Critical Incident and Adverse Event Notification

Related forms

Program Leave Application
Part Time Application
Extension of Training
Complaint or Grievance Reporting Form

Registrar Handbook

2018.2 EV Registrar Handbook

Outline of a Semester 2018.2 Rural Pathway

Outline of a Semester 2018.2 General Pathway

Outline of a Semester Hospital 201.2 Rural Pathway


EV Professional Behaviour Guidelines – Metro

EV  must also comply with the policies of the Department of Health, RACGP and ACRRM.

AGPT policies

All AGPT program policies are available on the AGPT website.