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Practice News (December 2016)

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Practice and Supervisor Report

The end of the year is always a time for review and a chance to look at the year ahead. We have many new practices who will be taking registrars for the first time in 2017. We aim to provide them extra support through our medical educators and encourage them to join the professional development sessions for both supervisors and practice managers. This is a good way to learn from others with more experience and an opportunity to ask questions. In addition, all practices who took a registrar for the first time this year will have a chance to review how their program is going at a new practice review. This will occur once a practice has had a registrar for 12 months or two registrar placements so we will be in contact in February to start the process. There are opportunities for any supervisors interested in assisting in the accreditation or the new practice review processes and if you are interested, please contact me at EV.

Less practices have been using videotaped consultations as a teaching option this year so we have looked at some ways in which it might be possible to continue to use this valuable method of teaching. Some of the options are:

  • To role play a consultation with the registrar using either a volunteer or the supervisor as the role player. A number of role plays have been developed and are available as a document on Pivotal.
  • Supervisors can also videotape a teaching session and discuss it with a colleague. Some of our supervisors did this in a PD session this year and found it a valuable exercise.

Lastly, as we develop a common program for all of EV, there will be some changes. Some of these relate to orientation, feedback and assessing competence in practice. Many of them are activities that practices will already be doing but in some cases, the forms that are being used or the timing of activities might be different. In addition, the payment schedule for practices and the professional development program requirements have been clarified. A summary has been sent to all practices but if you want more information about these changes, please contact EV.

Judith Culliver
Practice and Supervisor Support Coordinator


VicTas Medical Educator Meeting

The VicTas meeting is an annual get together of Medical Educators from the Victorian and Tasmanian Regional Training Organisations. This meeting was held in Hobart this year and it’s a great opportunity to get together and discuss and share ideas and issues in GP Medical Education. One items discussed this year was the education focused Journal Clubs that all 3 RTO’s run and how we can create synergies among the 3 clubs. There was also an opportunity for each organisation to showcase some ideas that we are working on. The EV attendees talked about the extra supports we plan to provide to new supervisors and new practices in our organisation. We also discussed the possible alternate use of videotapes in teaching. We spoke of videotaping teaching sessions by supervisors for them to review and debrief with colleagues and also the idea of videotaping role played consultations with their registrars to debrief with them. More on this later.

The VicTas meeting was preceded by an Aboriginal immersion weekend to which VicTas attendees were invited. This was a fantastic experience in a very remote area of central Tasmania. The camp was called Trawtha Makuminya. The weekend included guided walks, basket making sessions, song and dance and great talks around the campfire at night. We were very well fed including a good feed of barbecued mutton birds….my first taste of this fabled food. Having Medical Educators from the other RTO’s there also allowed time to discuss issues in GP training.

Next year’s VicTas will be held in Victoria and there are also plans for an Aboriginal immersion workshop for registrars who work or plan to work in ACCHO’s and for interested supervisors. More details later.


Regional GP Supervisor Meetings

The first set of GP Supervisor meetings in EV next year will have an IT focus. In Gippsland the focus will be on the use of Pivotal which is a new program for supervisors there and the meetings will be 3 hour subregional events [South, Central and East Gippsland] rather than a full day meeting in Churchill. This will enable computer lab use and more hands on. In the metro region the usual subregional meetings will occur also with an IT focus but the focus while including an update on Pivotal will also address some other IT issues, such as IT in teaching, social media and professionalism. Supervisors with a particular interest in IT and who might like to have some involvement in these workshops are encouraged to contact either Judith Culliver or myself to discuss this. Some of you are members of GPDU or other similar networks and some discussion of these media would be useful.

Patrick Kinsella
Professional Development Coordinator


Supervisor Liaison Update

It’s been a big year for the staff at EV. They have done a great job of combining the 2 regions of Eastern VMA & Eastern SGPT (Gippsland) into what we now know as EV. Speaking with Supervisors at workshops and Residentials it appears the transition has been relatively seamless. EV has 2 SLOs-Fred Edwards (Gippsland) & Gerard Connors (Metro).

Issues that have affected Supervisors and Practices this year have included the change in the Practice match process, a review of Practice subsidies (payments) and a review of Supervisor PD requirements.

Fred is on the EV Board & Gerard is Deputy Chair of GP Supervisors of Australia (GPSA). We are both on the EV Accreditation committee, the Regional interest advisory group & are involved in the Residentials and to a lesser extent workshops. We liaise on your behalf with senior management as needed.

Fred also sits on the Gippsland PHN and will advocate for Gippsland supervisors when appropriate. EV is linking in with the local PHNs where appropriate and beneficial to both parties. The POLAR tool was an excellent example.

Please contact us if you have concerns that you have not been able to resolve with EV management. We act as your advocate & can also advise you if you have had a fair hearing.

For industrial advice please contact GPSA. Membership is free, both for Supervisors and Practice staff. GPSA also provides a free employment contract to use for your registrar, webinars and educational material you can use for in-practice teaching.

If you are looking for some variety from just doing clinical work, EV is often looking for GP’s to do ECTV’s and there may be a need in 2017 for help with Practice accreditations. Please contact Neil Spike if you’re interested.

We look forward to seeing you in 2017.

Gerard Connors 0400 586 322
Fred Edwards 0408 513897


RCTI’s and Payments to Practices and Supervisors – General Pathway

As we count down to the end of the year and our financial year, it is important that all payments to practices and supervisors for 2016 are completed prior to our Christmas shut down.

We require all RCTI’s up until the end of November 2016 to be completed, submitted and verified by Friday 16 December to ensure payment before the 24 December. We would appreciate practice managers’ assistance in following up the verification of the RCTI’s by the supervisors and registrars after completion. Any questions regarding RCTI’s should be directed to Pauline.gunn@evgptraining.com.au

Claims for supervisor workshops, practice manager workshops and practice term payments are also required to be signed and returned for payment by 16 December. Any queries regarding these claims should be directed to Natalie.croning@evgptraining.com.au

Pivotal and GPRime2 Update

EV are intending to roll out the UX Client version of Pivotal in Melbourne prior to commencement of the 2017 training year. We will then evaluate the roll out over Semester 1, 2017. This should allow time to fine-tune UX Client before its release in Gippsland from the beginning of Semester 2. Gippsland will continue to use GPRime2 in Semester 1 next year.