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Practice News (December 2018)

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Supervisor PD

There are a few keys pieces of information for supervisors for 2019.

GPTEC 2019 Melbournegptec2019-logo-cmyk

The 2019 GPTEC conference will be held in Melbourne and co-hosted by EV and MCCC. This is the national conference involving all the stakeholders interested in GP training, the Regional Training Organizations [RTO’s] and the Colleges [RACGP and ACRRM] among others. Because it is to be held in Melbourne, quite a number of EV GP Supervisors and Medical Educators will be invited to attend. Of course there are significant costs related to this and because of this EV has made a decision not to hold residential workshops in 2019. We realize the residential workshops are highly valued by our supervisors. In place of the residential meetings in 2019, EV will hold some one-day supervisor events. These will complement our normal sub regional meetings.

Supervisor Questionnaire: Thanks to all those that completed the recent supervisor questionnaire. You will have received some feedback from this recently in the form of an ev-supervisor-survey-infographic_nov18infographic which summarizes the main findings. We wanted to know:

  1. Level of supervisor satisfaction with workshop content and delivery
  2. Perceived professional development needs
  3. Future aspirations
  4. How to better support supervisors

I was a bit disappointed that only 28% of our supervisors took the time to complete the survey although wiser heads have told me that this was not a bad response rate for questionnaire’s. It did provide some useful feedback thou especially something about the needs of experienced supervisors and also the future aspirations of some of our current supervisors re taking on a bigger role in medical education. Those who did express interest in expanding your roles will be contacted soon with ideas about further opportunities.

Core Workshops

As flagged in the last newsletter, the 6 Core workshops that we feel all supervisors should complete in their first 3 years of being a supervisor are now run as 90 minute sessions. This allows 2 Core Workshops to be run in a 3-hour session. We ran the first of these recently at Hawthorn and had a bumper attendance of over 50 supervisors. Many were experienced supervisors and they certainly value added to the sessions. We have also started work on offering some of these core workshops as on-line options as requested by some supervisors. Personally I am a strong believer in the value of face to face supervisor meetings. Why? well because I always feel much of the value of these meetings is in the networking and benchmarking that occurs among attendees. If undertaken as an online activity, while its easier to access, you miss out on those important parts of the meeting. However there clearly is a place for some supervisor PD activities to be offered as online options. We expect one or two of the core workshops will be available as online options during 2019

Supervisor Reclassification

Rather than classifying supervisors as Primary and Secondary, we are looking at the concept of Educational or Clinical Supervisors. Clinical Supervisors would be those who fill in the role when the Educational Supervisor is away. For these Clinical Supervisors there would be a lesser expectation than the currently expected 6 hours of PD per year. We believe the PD expectation is stopping some excellent GP’s from taking on the role as supervisors and also for some of our current secondary supervisors, we think the PD expectation is too great. More information on this in the coming months.

To all my fellow Supervisors I hope you have a happy and safe festive season.

Dr Patrick Kinsella
Professional Development Coordinator – Supervisors & MEs

Supervisor Liaison Officer Report

  1. GPSA and GPRA put out a joint statement on the NTCER. The only change is an addendum to highlight the increase in base salary in line with the increase in Item 23 from 1/7/2018.
    To quote from the media release:
    Per the NTCER, the agreement in its current form exists until formally replaced. At this time, there is no agreement to replace the existing document.
    GP Registrars Australia and GP Supervisors Australia recognise the complexities of amending the NTCER for both parties and remain committed to ongoing dialogue. Further, it is recognised that it is the limited nature of Commonwealth funding via Medicare and industry structural constraints that remain an impediment to making significant amendments to the agreement at this time.”
    For further information please contact GPSA
  2. Dr James Brown Director of Education Quality is leading a review of GP Supervision requirements and CPD within EV. This review should be completed early next year and will be discussed with Supervisors during 2019. My initial impressions are these changes will be positive for Supervisors.
  3. As EV and MCCC will be hosting the General Practice Training and Education Conference (GPTEC) 3-5 September 2019 there will be no residentials next year. Some Supervisors will have an opportunity to attend GPTEC. For those who don’t have that opportunity, there will be multiple opportunities including a number owhole day workshops in both Metro and Rural areas. 

A reminder that if you have concerns re Industrial matters to contact GPSA. If other matters cannot be resolved by EVGPT staff to your satisfaction or you need advice please contact:

  • Fred Edwards-Gippsland
  • Gerard Connors SE Metro
  • Carolyn Royse NE Metro
  • Damian Flanagan Peninsula

Contact details can be obtained by phoning EV on 1300 831 753

The EV SLO’s wish you a happy and restful Festive season.

Dr Gerard Connors, SLO

Practice Accreditation and Practice Support

A snapshot of the year’s activity:

Accreditation Activity Statistics

  • Pre-accreditation workshop (PAWS) – 3 across the region and one supplementary for 2 new supervisors (rural)
  • New practice accreditation – 9 across the region (7 general; 2 rural)
  • Practice reaccreditation – 63 across the region (45 general;18 rural)
  • Reviews of newly accredited practice – 24 general
  • New supervisors – 62 across the region (general total 397 and rural total 112
  • ESP accreditations – 2 general
  • ESP reaccreditations – 9 across the region (6 general and 3 rural)
  • ARST accreditations – 2 rural
  • AST reaccreditations – 1 rural
  • Practice manager workshops – 5 across the region (2 general and 3 rural)
  • New practice phone reviews – 8 general


  • “Accreditor training E-learning resource developed for EV staff
  • Difficult conversations” – workshop and poster presentation on “Practice Manager CPD” was delivered at ANZAPHE, Hobart in July by Heather Grusauskas and Patrick Kinsella. Following this one of the workshop’s participant’s is now running “Difficult conversations workshops” for NTGPE.
    • Heather Grusauskas attended the AMEE conference in Basle, Switzerland and presented a paper on the “Difficult Conversations” workshops.
    • “Difficult Conversations” was delivered at GPTEC. Following this one of the participant’s is now running these at RNZCGP.

Current Projects

  • Blended/Off site supervision models are now in place for both short term emergency and longer term supervision
  • EOIs – We are now accepting expressions of interest to become a training practice (general)

Practices are reminded to:

    • Ensure employment agreements and terms of work are clear and in place prior to the registrar commencing in practice. Employment Agreements should be no more onerous for registrars and treated as any other GP in your practice.  
    • Provide supervision and teaching relevant to registrar stage of training.
    • Clearly block out any administration time.

Work plans for next year include:

    • A Supervisor workshop on “coaching for improved performance”
    • A selection of supervisor workshops being available online
    • Looking at new ways of engaging and supporting training practices

Dr. Heather Grusauskas
Accreditation and Practice Support Coordinator


Expression of interest open – Medical Educators (Rural)

EV are seeking expressions of interest from interested General Practitioners to be part of the medical education team in Gippsland to commence in 2019. Ideally you will be located within the geographical region but we are very open to discussing this opportunity with experienced medical educators from elsewhere.

If you have a strong interest in medical education and a commitment to training the next generation of specialist general practitioners, this role will suit you. The role of training advisor provides training advice, mentorship and relationship building to GP registrars to enhance their training experience in the AGPT program.

Expressions of interest are open until Friday, 18 January 2019.

Download more information here – EOI – Medical Educator (Rural)


EV Program Update

The November edition of EV Program Update includes valuable information on the day to day delivery of the EV AGPT program. It is a source of reminders, due dates, upcoming events and keyev-program-update-image program activities.

Topics include:

  • Planning for 2019 placements
  • Medicare Provider Number applications
  • Exam enrolment dates
  • RCTI records
  • Contact details

The EV Program Update is sent via email to all stakeholders. Click on the link to view the November edition for Rural and Metropolitan