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Practice News (June 2018)

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Practice News

Accreditation and Practice Support

  • The next Pre-accreditation workshop (PAWS) will be held on 3 August at our Hawthorn office.
  • Accreditor training E-learning resource for EV staff – will be available in June.
  • “Difficult conversations” an EV workshop and poster presentation on “Practice Manager CPD” is to be delivered at the ANZAPHE conference in Hobart in July.
  • Practice visits (including ESPs; ASTs; ARSTs) – for reaccreditation; review of newly accredited practices continue throughout the year for both General and Rural Pathway.>
  • A Cultural Walk for General Pathway Practice Managers took place on Wednesday 18th April from 9.30 am– 1.30 pm. Leading the walk was Dean Stewart, owner/operator of Aboriginal Tours and Education Melbourne who described the event as ‘’Cultural to Experience, to Hear, to Feel, to Share’’. Dean was a knowledgeable and engaging speaker and guide. Feedback from the Practice Managers has been excellent. Further practice manager workshops are planned for:
    • 7 June and 30 October (Rural Pathway)
    • 18 September (General Pathway)
  • EV contacts supervisors and practice managers of newly accredited practices after three months to see if there are any concerns or questions they may have about being a part of the training program.  Teaching sessions, supervision, Pivotal and employment agreements are also discussed.
  • Training Practice Expression of Interests – EV is not currently accepting any expressions of interest to become a training practice in our metropolitan areas. We will consider new practice applications for our rural training areas.
  • A reminder to all practices that they have to have an accredited supervisor to cover supervisory duties.
  • EV is currently drafting policy documentation on models of blended/off site supervision.

Dr Heather Grusauskas,
Accreditation and Practice Support Coordinator


SLO Report
The San Remo residential was a great success with stimulating educational sessions and time for networking.

A reminder that in the metro area we now have 3 SLOs:

  • Gerard Connors (SE region)
  • Carolyn Royse (NE) and
  • Damian Flanagan (Peninsula)

The next round of metro regional meetings occurs in August.

In keeping with other RTOs around Australia, EV will now be providing our Supervisors with automatic memberships of GP Supervisors of Australia (GPSA). There is no cost involved with this membership. This will enable you to seek advice and access resources directly related to your role as a supervisor and trainer. This includes, but is not limited to, employment issues, templates of contracts and updates to the NTCER and teaching plans. Accordingly, the GPSA will shortly be provided with your contact details. If you wish to opt out of this arrangement, please let EV know by 8 June and they will ensure that your name is removed from the list.


Dr Gerard Connors Metro SLO
Dr Fred Edwards Rural SLO


Supervisor PD

The first residential of the year was held at San Remo in May and it was a big event with approximately 125 supervisors in attendance. The theme of the workshop was “Giving and receiving Feedback”. Anecdotally the meeting was well received with a balance of material presented for newer and more experienced supervisors and enough of a challenge to keep attendees engaged. The workshop will be repeated later in the year at the Yarra Valley. John Hackett, a supervisor from Wonthaggi, provided the dinner time challenge in the form of a quiz about notable Australian doctors. I think everyone was surprised at how many notable Australian doctors John detailed. There were 20 questions and the best table scored only 11 out of 20. We were left in little doubt that all 20 were significant figures in the world of medicine, and many were left scratching their head that they were not familiar with many of those named, although realizing that they should have been. Well done John!

You will soon receive a Supervisor Survey from EV. We are trying to gather information from you about your needs as a supervisor. The differing needs of newer and experienced supervisors. The best times and formats for Supervisor PD. Any other feedback you would like to provide as part of the survey would be welcomed also. EV is now a big organization with some 400 supervisors. A survey like this will help EV tailor what we do for supervisors better. Please take the time to complete the survey.

Core workshops continue to run periodically. As you know there is an expectation that new supervisor attend there core workshops over their first 3 years in the job. Numbers are limited at these workshops, so if you respond that you will attend and then find you cannot come please let EV know as early as possible so that we can give you place to someone who can attend.

Finally a few words about workshop feedback and evaluation. As you know we always ask for attendee’s feedback and evaluation of activities that we run. In the last year EV has moved from paper based feedback completed at the end of sessions to an online format. Reasons for this include the ease of collation, when you have 100 supervisors attending a workshop that’s a significant amount of collation. Of course there is a downside and that is that the percentage of responders tends to fall because it’s not done on the spot.  Please make the effort to complete these post workshop evaluations. Again these are really important to fine tune what we do. We will also make collated evaluations available to attendee’s…..then you can see if you are the outlier!


Dr Patrick Kinsella,
Professional Development Coordinator – Supervisors & MEs